Wipe-Clean Fabric Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

This is not your ordinary fabric cosmetic bag! We all know how messy a cosmetics container can become, so why not make one that can be easily wiped clean? Begin by selecting a few coordinating fabrics from our online fabric store and get started on this super-cute craft.

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

The directions are for this particular tote, though more ideas are shown!

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

No more messes with a wipe-clean makeup tote!

You will need:
• Fabric of choice
• Paint-on outer coat for protection (use your preferred brand or use oilcloth)
• Iron
• Scissors
• Sewing machine or mad hand skills

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

What to do:
• Cut fabric or oilcloth into two 22cm x 19cm rectangles
• Press 1.5cm seam under one edge of each piece for zipper
• Insert an 18cm zipper
• Pin and sew lower edging together with 1.5cm allowances
• Fold the corners of the fabric as pictured and sew 4cm across
• Trim extra fabric
• Turn right side out
• Create a dainty handle with a ribbon by threading it through the zipper handle and securing into a knot or bow!

NFL Fabric cosmetic bag craft

Use our selection of NFL fabric for a new take on the traditional!

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

Add a flashy and unexpected button!

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

A more old-fashioned approach

Fabric cosmetic bag craft

There is never a shortage of adorable options when you craft with fabric!


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