Wild West Fabrics from Alexander Henry

One of the most striking aspects of Alexander Henry’s fabrics is how different they are from anything else on the market. While other fabric mills purchase expensive licenses to produce fabrics with familiar images, Alexander Henry’s fabric designs seem to be shaped by pure imagination and a delight of what can be depicted on fabric. The designs of this Burbank, California based mill can be counted on to display imaginative designs printed on high quality cotton.┬áJust as their website announces, Alexander Henry’s prints are truly the “fabric of imagination”.

Alexander Henry’s Cowboy Fabrics and Southwestern Fabrics have introduced some of the company’s best designs. These designs pay homage to the popular image of the rugged cowboy on his stallion. Some of the designs, however, invert the concept with their designs of comely cowgirls. Still other designs show the Native American cultures predating the period of the cowboys.

Back in the Saddle Fabric: Black

Dakota Southwestern Fabric

Edendale Riders Fabric: Black

Pin-Up Cowgirls: Black

Edendale Riders Fabric: Off White

Frida's Garden Fabric

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