Why We Love Martha

Oh, Martha.  So many love to hate you.  The reasons vary.  Your impeccable (impossible?) standards.  That whole thing with the investment scandal and your, ummm… time away.  We won’t go into that.  I mean, if a MAN does it he’s just handling his business, but a WOMAN?  Again… we won’t go into that.

Love you, hate you.  Whatever.  It’s not stopping your back to back cable shows.  Or the radio shows.  Or the magazines.  Or the books.  In 1993 you came into our living rooms, and you haven’t left.

The bottom line is the crafties love you.  We keep making your recipes, following your directions, and using your ideas.  It’s all just so good!  Some roll their eyes at an overly complicated project or recipe, but the crafties get inspired – we like a challenge.  We love you because as we see it…

You always have such helpful ideas.

You are a VERY organized woman.  I guess if you’re going to garden AND bake AND sew AND…  I dunno… run a multi-million dollar business, it pays to be organized.

For instance, this cute little project for organizing your sewing needlesDenim cushion for denim needles, and so on.  Makes sense to me.

You love our furry friends as much as we do.

You know lots and lots about caring for pets and keeping them happy.  What you don’t know, you find pet experts to tell us.  And what says love like sewing your doggy his own little coat?  Not for vanity, but so doggy can stay can stay dry and warm in winter and rain with his own little jacket made of Coated Linen and lined with Fleece Fabric.  Awww…

You do DIY weddings with style.

Once upon a time, wedding crafts were ugly.  Seriously.  Ugly.  Well, you said we could make it ourselves, and make it good.  Favor boxes wrapped in organzaCandle centerpieces made of lace.  So cute.  Martha rocks.

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