When Cabin Fever Hits, Grab Yourself Some Tapestry !


For some, the colder and often restricting weather of the seemingly never ending winter season can lend to feelings of restlessness, lack of motivation, and even cabin fever. For others though, being hunkered in while Winter is in full swing can create just the right setting for some serious sewing. In fact, starting or completing sewing projects while waiting for the fullness of spring can be just the perfect remedy for the ‘winter blues’ that occasionally blow in and sometimes stay. My testimony started with a winter storm and some tapestry.

For me its been during some of coldest days that I was seemingly most productive. Projects I procrastinated on tending to for weeks or even months effortlessly seemed to make their way out of their respective bins and onto my machine where they would eventually wind up on my selling racks, in my personal closet and gift boxes for friends and family. One such project was a re-upholstery job for an antique rocking chair that became an heirloom of my family. The tie chair cushion that once softened its wooden frame had seen its share of seasons and trouser seats if you know what I mean. Anyway, in the bin the flattened and torn cushion sat for months waiting to be of service once again. Inspired by a mild North-Eastern heading our way, a stop by the local fabric store beforehand offered a nostalgic selection of picturesque tapestries and extra firm foam padding. From scenes of nature and woodland creatures to geometric prints and vintage retro’s, I found my creative juices starting to flow back again. While the snow fell, I finished a new slip cover and replaced the cushion in less than 3 hours that day. One sewing project down…5 more to go!

If the winter blues get a hold of you, see what a little sewing can do…then grab yourself some tapestry.

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