What’s the Big Idea? Felt Elephant Craft

This adorable felt elephant craft is a trunk full of fun! The pattern is easy to follow, thanks to the good people at Quex. Begin by browsing our selection of felt fabric, or use decorative fabric for a more stylish approach! These little guys and gals make great gift ideas for moms-to-be, and could certainly be transformed into an overall nursery theme!

Felt fabric elephant

What’s the big idea? Get crafty with this felt elephant tutorial! 

Kiddos love animals in all shapes and sizes, so this elephant will be a hit! Create stand-alone pets, place them on baskets or cribs, frame them and more!

You will need: 

  • Felt fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Anything you want to use for the eyes
  • Light stuffing to fill out

Felt elephant craft pattern

What to do:

  • Follow the pattern above to cut out your felt fabric. You may enlarge or shrink, depending on the size desired.
  • Blanket stitch the 2 sides of the body together, leaving room to stuff (if desired).
  • Once filled with stuffing, stitch closed.
  • Next, blanket-stitch the ears and tusks to the elephant.
  • Finish by adding eyes and a small braided tail!

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Felt elephant

Pink felt elephant

felt elephant

 Add eyelashes!

Felt fabric crafts

 Felt elephants make adorable garnishments for baby shower gifts! Note the tee-shirt pom pom!

Felt elephant basket

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