What is a UFAC classification?

Among the many acronyms and symbols used in the fabric industry an important one to know about is UFAC, which stands for Upholstered Furniture Action Council. This organization was founded in 1978 as a coalition of fabric manufacturers and retailers to ensure that upholstered furniture was more resistant to ignition from smoldering cigarettes. UFAC does not manufacture any upholstered goods.

There are two UFAC ratings: 1 and 2. UFAC class 1 means that a fabric meets the flammability criteria of the UFAC when in contact with polyurethane foam. UFAC class 2 fabrics are those that do not meet the flammability criteria and must be used in conjunction with a flame retardant material between the fabric and the foam.

Here are some of the UFAC class 1 fabrics carried at J&O:

Celine Upholstery: Ebony

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