Van-Lifers, Full-Timers and Faux Leather

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With more and more people taking to ‘van-lifing‘ throughout the year and ‘full-timing‘ in their RV’s, so comes an increase in DIY upholstery projects. And whether taking to the road to get rid of the cold or to simply experience life on another frequency, when it comes to outfitting and personalizing an RV / van for resiliency, never underestimate the power faux leather / vinyl upholstery has to add a touch of individuality and comfort in a way that is completely transformational!

With this in mind, faux leather / vinyl fabrics offers a popular choice for those looking for both the aesthetics of leather without the indent genuine leather has on the pocket. For those who prefer to obstain from the use of animal products, faux leather is an inviting alternative as well. Often called ‘vegan’ leather since it is a man-made synthetic and therefore not from skins of dead animals, vinyl fabrics meet the value-based demands of PETA conscious consumers along with a level of durability needed for mobile home fabrications.

Stain-free and water repellent, faux leather / vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. A  preferred upholstery fabric for RV and van-conversion cushions, car interiors, boats, and patio furniture, its UV and mildew resistency only adds to its maintenance appeal.

For its personality allure, faux leather / vinyl can be found in an array of colors to match individual tastes and mobile domain charm for a nomadic home away from home. From earth tones and vibrant solids, to textured selections and coordinating looks, creating the perfect look is easy.


Find a full selection of Ennis faux leather/ vinyl fabrics alongside manufacturers best cleaning care practices to get you started on the outfitting and design of your converted van or mobile home today.

* Not quite ready to complete a conversion or make-over yourself?                                Give us a call. Our trusted team of expert craftsmen and designers at J&O Fabrics can take you from concept to completion with your ultimate vision in mind.


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