Upholstering Your Home with Fabrics from Regal Fabric

The hallmarks of Regal’s fabrics – superior quality, innovative styling and attractive prices – have been winning over customers for over twenty years.

The excellence of Regal’s upholstery fabrics merits further consideration. Therefore, we are going to highlight individual designer upholstery fabrics produced by Regal. All of these decorator fabrics can be found at J & O’s online fabric store.

Antique Sports Tapestry Antique Sports Tapestry

Cats & butterflies Tapestry Cats and Butterflies Tapestry

Celestial Tapestry Celestial Tapestry

Cher Tropical Decorative Fabric: White Cher Tropical Decorative Fabric: White

Golf Tapestry Golf Tapestry

Jaguar Upholstery Jaguar Upholstery

Lighthouse Tapestry Lighthouse Tapestry

Framed Flower Tapestry Framed Flower Tapestry

Multi-Square Chenille Multi-Square Chenille

Surf's Up Tapestry Surf’s Up Tapestry

Wine Cellar Tapestry Wine Cellar Tapestry

Sailboat Tapestry Sailboat Tapestry

Playing Cards Tapestry Playing Cards Tapestry


As you can see from the above examples, Regal specializes in producing fabulous tapestry fabrics. These are the perfect decorator fabrics to add life to your home decor. You can use these tapestry fabrics for upholstery, wall hangings and other decorative accents.


* If you have enjoyed viewing the aforementioned fabrics and would like to see more of our selection of discount quilting fabrics click on the following link: Novelty Fabric.


# Do you have any pictures showing the great uses you’ve given our fabric? Then please e-mail them to us at jandofabrics@comcast.net. We’ll be happy to hear from you and might even use your pictures for future blogs or on our website. We reserve the right to utilize the pictures sent without prior notification and in the time and manner that J&O Fabric deems appropriate.

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