Ultra Craft Ideas with Ultra Suede.

Lemon, lime, avocado, celery, olive, tangerine…..no, it’s not the list of ingredients for an exotic salad we are making, it’s just some of the fabulous colors we have to offer you from our new Ultra-suede fabric collection.

This beautiful collection has the look and feel of real suede without the animal byproduct. So for all of our vegan friends, search no more. Buffalo, buck, camel and doe may be on our palate list, but none were harmed in bringing these deeply rich and vibrant shades your way.

Made with 100% polyester facing and 50% poly / 50% cotton backing, our ultra suede makes the perfect fabric for stylish upholstering and footwear. The versatility of this soft & durable fabric doesn’t stop here. Create fashionable home accent pieces, garments and accessories from this fabulous modern designer material as well.

Here are some other great ideas people just like you are making with their ultra suede fabrics that are sure to get your own creative juices flowing! With a little imagination and personal touch, you can bring those beautiful one-of-a-kind-ultra-suede craft creations to life!

A new ultra suede window treatment for the library in your mothers old Victorian home…in Taupe.

It was right there by the antique stove that you earned your first burn scar, when you went running through the kitchen top speed and accidentally knocked over a pot of boiling water waiting for the fresh vegetables she picked and prepared for her tasty soup.

It was here, right on this very front porch swing, that you sat for hours waiting for her to arise from her attentively tended flower bed to take you to the park before the slow falling summer sun surrendered her rays to the night.
For all the memories of youth that are still alive in that old Victorian your mother still keeps. For all she has been and done for you during your carefree youthful days; why not return the love by giving the home she holds sacred, an interior upgrade with our beautiful taupe colored ultra suede.

There are many simple styles of curtains, shades, valances, and other window treatments that you can easily create to dress her tall library windows. The key is to keep things in balance, rather than overpower the space with too many contrasting fabrics.

If you are using several fabric treatments in the room, our ultra suede color palate offers soft natural hues as well as rich vibrant tones to mix and match for that perfect look. Coordinate a solid with a print, or combine two contrasting solids together. Our ultra suede offers a stylish and classy finish to an already sophisticated room without taking away from the old fashioned flair. Not only decorative and beautiful, they are easy to make as well.

Using two of the same fabrics already featured in the space, cut pieces from each one that are large enough to cover your windows. Always cut the fabric a bit larger to account for seam allowances. A half inch to one inch on each side is sufficient for window treatments.

Lay out one of the fabric pieces, “face” up, and the other, on top of it, “face” down. Make sure the faces of the fabrics are together. Sew along the top edges and both sides. Turn the shades right-side-out, and sew the bottom edges closed. These window treatments can be hung from ribbons sewn along the top. Add ribbons at the bottom as well, so when you want the shades open you can tie the bottom ribbons to the curtain rod. When the shades are open, both fabrics will be displayed.
If you can hang a curtain rod, you can create dramatic window treatments in five to ten minutes, by draping your luxuriant ultra suede fabric over the rods. This is a lovely no-sew window treatment that anyone can make.
A valance is another favorite among window treatments and usually used for purely decorative purposes. You will need a piece of ultra suede fabric approximately twice as wide as your window and about sixteen inches long.
Start by hemming the sides and bottom to create smooth edges.

Next, fold the top edge over about four inches, toward the backside of the fabric.

Sew a straight line at the two-inch mark, to create a ruffle, and then sew just above the four-inch mark, to attach the bottom edge. This will create a rod pocket.

Slide the valance onto the curtain rod, and scrunch and fluff as desired.

Even if you don’t have a lot of decorating or sewing experience, you can make your own window treatments. They are simple and fun to make, and when your guests compliment the look, you have the added bonus of saying you made the treatments yourself.

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A simple wrap skirt for the workplace in sky blue.

Contrary to belief, ultra suede material is not just for drapes and upholstery. This soft and durable fabric can be used for a plethora of craft ideas, including clothing.

From coats and shoes, to skirts and dresses, ultra suede offers a clean and stylish look that never goes out of style. Mix and match with complimentary fabrics to create your own unique flair for work or play. Spice up your 9-5 wardrobe with one or two basic pieces straight from the marriage of your creative mind and your sewing machine. Even a simple solid colored wrap skirt can go a long way when cut to the right length. For example, a carefree mid-length a-lined skirt in sky blue can create a versatility that will allow you to throw on heels, flats or boots, with ease. Be the envy of your coworkers by pairing it up with a printed satin top for a truly professional yet fashionable look.

Create coordinated accessories like bags or hats to compliment your newly made skirt for a complete ensemble. A light lining will offer a line of protection and added comfort between you and the slightly weighted backing. Coffee spills and donut icing marks can be quickly and easily removed with a little spot cleaning with soap and warm water. Dry clean for best results.

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A Dressy Tote Bag in Pink Poppy to Match Those Fabulous Shoes.

ches, satchels, totes or hip purses….“I never saw a bag I didn’t like.“ And with the fabulous color palate available in our ultra suede’s, why should I?
Pink Poppy is my favorite, especially when it matches so perfectly with the pink suede shoes I found on sale last week. But what if I wanted another to match the Ruby reds I purchased for my birthday last month? Solution, make a bag to coordinate!
Soft yet durable, a tote made from an ultra suede material is supple enough to reflect a womans’more feminine side, yet strong enough to handle the many possessions of life she stuffs inside of it. And with the extra space you may discover between the half eaten chocolate brownie and your favorite romance novel, you can put all the money you saved from making it on your own. Pair up with your little girl for a fun & simple ‘ ladies day ’ craft project.
Materials Needed
Fabric Thread
Webbing (optional)
All Directions are for ½” seams.
Cut fabric 14″ by 39″ or 2 pieces 14″ by 20″
For fabric cut 14″ by 39″ – fold fabric in half right sides together to measure 14″ by 19½” – seam the 19½” edges. Use a seam finish or double stitch for added strength.

For fabric cut 14″ by 20″ – Place two pieces of fabric with right sides together – seam the two 20″ edges and one 14″ edge. Use a seam finish or double stitch each seam for added strength.
At top 14″ open edge press under ½”, matching wrong sides of the fabric. Press under 1″, enclosing ½” raw edge. Top stitch hem in to place. Mark in 2 ½” from the seams on both sides of the bag from both seam edges, on the outside of the bag.
For Straps
Webbing Straps – cut two straps 10″ long. Seal ends of straps either with heat or a seam finish such as zig zag.
Self Cloth Straps – Cut 2 pieces of fabric 2 ½” by 11″. Fold under by ½” on each 2 ½” edge. Fold under ½” on both 11″ edges. Fold strip in half Matching 11″ edges. Press and top stitch all sides of the strap ¼” from the edge. Repeat for second strap.
To attach the straps – Line up the hemmed edge of the bag with the edge of the straps,on the outside of the bag and with the marks that are 2 ½” from the seam. Stitch. Turn bag right sides out and press.

Double stitch the seams, on the seam allowances by stitching ¼” from the original seam.

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A Reupholstered chair in Persimmon Orange, just because you can.

The spring is not only a time of renewal and change, it is also a time for us as humans to engage in the conditioned and socialized pattern of house cleaning. Thought it seems we are not the only ones who participate in this sometimes rewarding, sometimes saddening practice. Squirrels, birds and even bears partake in a similar attempt to revise and renew.

We clean out closets, give away old clothes and upgrade outdated furnishings and appliances. Carelessly, we sometimes throw out perfectly good sofas and chairs that seemed to have gotten caught in a time capsule and ended up in our living space, not realizing its true potential. What was fashionably stylish in the 70’s can often times be again, with a simple change in the fabric.
Re-upholstering our favorite chairs and sofas can bring new life and energy to a room. Re-upholstering with a rich and vibrant color like Persimmon Orange can add spice to that new life and an energy that speaks to your youthful soul like no other color.

When deciding on how much of that ultra suede to buy, keep in mind that the type of cushion you are covering will impact the amount of yardage used, the layout, and if a pattern is required. (Check a yardage chart for amount required here). If you are a novice, then having an experienced upholsterer check out your furniture to give you an accurate estimate of how much material you may require is best. They can also address any unforeseen work that may arise.
Top off your new sofa or chair with some coordinating accent pillows, and viola! , reincarnation from the dead!

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Soft and Comfy bean bag cover in Lipstick Red to spice up that room.
Sure, it’s fun enough to plop down with a good book in a regular old bean bag, but how much better it would be once it is wrapped in a soft and comfy ultra suede…..in lipstick red!

Bean bags have been around for years, but yours doesn’t have to look like it. Give your wonderful seating friend a makeover by covering that traditional cotton or vinyl material with a little red. Add some pizzazz to your plain and simple recreational room, or enhance an already funky retro colored bedroom just by changing the fabric.

Our ultra suede is not only soft, but it offers the kind of durability needed for all the ‘plops’ and ‘flops’ it will take at the end of a hard day. Get really creative by adding trim onto your suede for a truly one-of-a-kind design.

The grit and grind of life may wear off on you, but not your ultra-suede. This fabric is stain resistant and with a little help from a good suede cleaning product, spot washing offers a good-as-new look for long lasting use.

Note: All of our ultra suede fabrics are stain resistant. For sp
ot cleaning, use a little upholstery soap and warm water. Dry clean only.

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