Twirling Skirt Tutorial

Circle skirts are one of the best things about being a woman! Fun and flirty, you are never too old to twirl. If you are like myself, the dresses on the racks today just never quite call out to you, or you cannot seem to find what you visualize in your mind. Fear not, this fabulous circle skirt tutorial will set your mind swirling and get you twirling in no time! Begin by selecting your fabric here.

Twirling skirt

A picture can say a thousand words. A twirling skirt needs none!

The concept of a circle skirt is surprisingly simple, you just cut fabric into a circle (like a donut) and add an elastic waist. The fabric will drape around you and naturally move with you, a wonderful effect!

Polka dot fabrics

Pair with a belt and pearls and it is ready to rock! Our selection of polka dot fabrics are wonderful for this project!

You will need:
• Approximately 2 yards of fabric (depending on dress size). You may opt for solid or pattern fabric, depending on your mood and needs.
• Scissors
• A yard of elastic in desired width
• Sewing machine or ninja hand-sewing skills
• Complimenting thread
• Lace or other embellishment for waist (if desired)

What to do:  
• Measure your waistline and add 2 inches. Draw a circle onto your fabric (using a fabric pen or light pencil) representing your size

Circle skirt pattern

• Now take your waist measurement (with the +2 inches factored in for give) and divide by 6.28 for the radius
• Draw your pattern with a ruler, as shown below. You will need ¼ of a donut circle for the pattern

Circle skirt pattern

• Cut out the fabric
• Measure from waist to where you would like the length to land and draw a larger circle. There is no need to scallop the edges, the fabric will drape naturally at the ends

DIY womens skirt patterns
• Sew the elastic closed and pin to skirt, leaving space between each pin (see photos below). Stitch the elastic into the waistline, ensuring a sturdy finish

DIY Skirt tutorial
• Hem the ends of the skirt neatly
• It is really just that simple! Please share your skirt projects on J&O Fabrics Facebook page!

Skirt tutorial

Elastic secured

Twirling is uplifting

Skirt tutorial

Long or short, a skirt with movement turns heads!

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