Top Ten Uses for Old Neckties

An abundant selection can lead to an abundance of indecision, particularly when it comes to neckties. The colors, patterns and even textures can leave you wondering where to begin.

Perhaps you’ve begun culling the collection of your significant other. Or if you are very disciplined maybe you’re weeding out ties from your own collection. The question then becomes what to do with those old neckties?

At J&O Fabric Store we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with some ideas of how to recycle old or unwanted neckties without throwing them away. Here are our top ten ideas for giving old ties new life.

1. Make a necktie skirt

2. Use old ties to make bracelets

3. Fashion them into a fancy handbag

4. Make a necktie wallet

5. Make a lovely scarf

6. Necktie daisies are fun decorative items

7. Try making a vest

8. Or a phone pouch

9. A neck roll pillow

10. Unmentionables



When you are looking for ideas come to J&O for the most innovative tips and suggestions. With J&O, you have over 40 years of fabric experience at your fingertips.

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