J&O Top 20 MLB Cotton Craft Ideas

jandofabricsOne thing we’ve learned through our over 50 years in the fabric business is that all the textile goods that come through our doors, are looking to be made into something special. From silky satins aspiring to be prom dresses and clear vinyl yearning to protect beautiful mahogany table tops, to polyester fleece desiring to warm an old mans’ cold night or novelty cottons hoping to quell a child going through chemo with themed images from their favorite movie…like Elmo maybe. MLB cotton is no different. With so many baseball fans eager to show their FANatic love through some crafty means, our new major league baseball cottons arrive with just one goal in mind…to create that wonderful opportunity!

With the great news of MLB’s  (major league baseball) final arrival this spring, many artisans, designers and #1 fans are securing their favorite team fabrics by the yard with long awaited dreams to manifest their creations in both traditional and uniquely innovative ways. Still some will sit on their cherished fabric goods until that fated day when inspiration hits them and that spark stirs them into action. For us, the time to ignite it is now!

From themed team quilts and home decor, to apparel and accessories, the possibilities for what simple fabric can (and wants to) be are endless indeed. Here are a few more ideas to ignite the fire.

J&O Top 20 MLB cotton craft ideas

1. custom made quilt

2. apron

3. baby car seat / stroller cover

4. lined baby booties

5. laminated placemats and coasters

6. lamp shades

7. totes / bags

8. lounge wear/ pj’s

9. book covers

10. hair accessories

11. smocks

12. pillows

13. door reeves

14. themed Hawaiian styled shirt

15. bedding

16. basket liners

17. player bags

18. seat cushions

19. pet bedding / clothing

20. tissue box covers


If we missed any ideas, we’ d love to add to the list. Suggestions welcomed. Lets keep the fire going!!


J&O Fabrics MLB Cotton Collection



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