Tips on How to Make a Santa Suit (Plus All the Fabrics You Need to Get it Done!)

Santa seems to be in so many places this time of year. Personally, I am still trying to figure out how he does it! There are only a few variations on the theme when it comes to what he wears, but I tend to think you can still be creative and have some fun. If you require a Santa of your very own read on to find out how J&O FABRICS can help you.

Here is what you will need that we can help you with:

Red Velvet Upholstery
Use this fabric for Santas coat, pants, hat and bag.

Winter White Long Hair Fur Fabric
This fabric is perfect for trim along the bottom of the pants and arms.
Trim all along the bottom of the coat, up the front and around the collar.
Trim on the brim of the hat. Use as much or as little as you like.

Patent leather Vinyl:Black
Use this for the belt which should be 3-4 inches wide.

Here are the other things you will need:

Black boots
Hair and beard
Don’t forget the bag of presents!


Find a pattern. If this is something you want to keep and reuse year after year take your time and do a nice job. I would use Red Velvet for the suit and hat. Get suspenders to hold up the pants, it looks more classic, but elastic at the waistband is also needed. The long fur is very luxurious, and all makes all the difference for a spectacular looking costume.

The belt needs to be 3-4 inches wide – make sure you measure after Santa has all of his padding around his belly. You can try to find an old buckle or make one from cardboard, just paint it with a high gloss gold paint. Find some black boots and remember the white gloves.

If you have trouble finding a Santa pattern find an old robe the right size, open the seams and use that as a pattern for the coat. A nice pajama pant pattern will work well for the bottoms.

Here’s a little tip from a gal who used to help dress Santa for the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade: Make up! Do not forget those rosy cheeks. Maybe a bit of glitter too! Remember Santa has been traveling in the cold long night!

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    oh thanks for this wonderful information..its nice idea..i will try to make costume and in any case if i get problem den will tell you..have a nice day..

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