Tips For Creating Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Bohemian Sanctuary This Summer

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How does your home space look?

How does your home space feel?


With mandated self-quarantining and social distancing protocols in place extending way beyond borders and well into the summer, many are finding themselves exchanging vacations away for stay-cations at home, spending less by doing more DIY projects, and taking visual and emotional inventory on their new world formerly known as just  ‘home’.

If you’re fortunate enough to own an amazing mansion that sits on acres of pristine land, then this inquiry offers much square footage and ground to explore. But if you are like most city dwellers, middle class workers, and furloughed folks across America, access to a yard or separate indoor sanctuary space may be less than available, if at all. With this in mind we were inspired to share some visual inspiration along with a few simple yet effective tips and tricks for redesigning your indoor / outdoor living space this summer….Boho Style!

When we think bohemian style, imagery of colorful, textured fabrics, comfortable furnishings and an eclectic look and feel come to mind. If the vision that’s manifesting thus far is starting to wet your whistle just a little, here are some simple tips and tricks to turn your ‘less than inspiring indoor/outdoor living space into a emotionally stimulating home sanctuary. The concept behind bohemian style is one that awakens the senses through sight, sound, touch, and scent. It is colorful yet coordinating collaborations of texture and print, soft edges offering a comforting look and feel. It is the marriage of nature-made and man-made in a harmonious fashion. Bohemian is cultural collide through organic selection and unorganized synchronicity. Bohemian design is never fitting into a socialized cookie cutter concept.



1. TEXTURE: Texture stimulates our sense of touch. Combine a variety of textures by adding baskets, plants, textured fabrics, throw rugs, pillows, wood furnishings.
Start by bringing a variety of several items into the area you are decorating. Move them around, play around with different shapes and materials until it feels right.
If it’s too much you can always pare it back some.


2. LOW LEVEL SEATING: The boho philosophy is all about kicking back, relaxing and grounding (if outdoors).  Floor pillows, blankets, soft ottomans and bean bag chairs are all great low-level seating options to h.ave, because they invite people to sit down and stay awhile.


3. ADD SOME PLANTS: Almost every Boho home design has wood and plant life elements in it. By infusing nature into your indoor / outdoor living space, you are connecting with Mother Earth in a way that feels organic and offers visual stimulation as well as the energetic properties of green including creativity and abundance. Plants bring in added LIFE as well and something to LOVE.

4. VARIED LIGHT SOURCES: In addition to natural sun light, string lights, Chinese lanterns, table top lamps and candles offer a mix of light source from which to create a ‘mood’ and opulence. Have fun exploring light fixtures and wrapping shades with fabrics in assorted prints and colors for a truly customized look for your sacred space.


5. AREA RUGS: Layering rugs offers an extra opportunity to mix patterns, prints, and colors. Faux fur, jute, and hand woven rugs in traditional designs from around the world bring a room together and center conversations. Include in outdoor spaces for picnic styled meals, lounging, and seating.

6. PRINTS & PATTERNS: Similar to adding a lot of texture, prints and patterns are key in bohemian decor. If you’re in need of a place to start, pick an overarching color palate and work from within that framework. Remember to also leave space for your eye to rest, otherwise it can become visually overwhelming. 

Exam: If you have a large colorful area rug, try keeping the base furnishing fairly pared back with just a pop of accent color that complements the rug’s primary color palate. That pop of color could easily come from complementary accent pillows. Mixing patterns with solid colors will help balance things out visually and will help establish focal points where you want them.


Looking for more specific bohemian pattern ideas to build off of?  Check out some of these traditionally popular patterns used by designers and novices alike.

  • Ikat
  • Indian
  • Moroccan
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Mexican
  • Native American / South Western.
7. ADD A POP OF VINTAGE, HANDMADE OR DIY: Mixing old with new, marrying cultures and organically cultivating conversational pieces within your indoor/outdoor sanctuary are creative aspects of boho deco that should not be ignored. Vintage furnishings carry their own unique stories. Handmade home crafts carry their own sentimental values and DIY projects add a sense of pride and joy. All wonderful attributes of a boho home.
While each of these design concepts play a role in pulling your bohemian look together, the ultimate addition are items you love. Conversational keepsakes like the ones mentioned above mean nothing unless the story is genuine . Textured fabrics that look and feel good. Artwork and home accent pieces that stir memories and inspire the imagination. Growing your sanctuary little by little as you yourself grow, what better reflection of your journey.
When you decorate your home from your soul, your space becomes more than just a superficial dwelling with four walls or a replica of a fashion trend that holds no real value past the notion. It becomes an outward expression of your inner consciousness, and what better space to call your own.
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