Tidy Tips: Fabric Storage Bins

Is it a bit of a challenge to entice the kiddos to straighten up their rooms? Perhaps they would be a little more pumped to put toys away with these adorable fabric storage bins! Yes, I realize I am dreaming, but they are still very cute. This is an affordable addition to any room of the house, just grab some new fabrics in our online store and get going today!

Fabric storage bins

Photos are by Lindsay at Tales from a Cottage, a fabulous crafter!

You will need:

  • A yard or 2 of a few fun fabrics. You can make sets, of course, but it is often fun to mix a few contrasting prints for interest.
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Any plastic bin or container. These can be found almost anywhere for just a few dollars.

Fabric storage bins

What to do:

  • Begin as if you are wrapping a gift. This is how you will ensure that you have enough fabric to cover the bin.
  • Turn the plastic bin upside down and spray the bottom with adhesive. Place the middle of the fabric onto it firmly.
  • Next, carefully cut a diagonal line into each corner of the fabric, creating 4 sides to work with. Stop about a half-inch before reaching the corner of the bin.
Fabric crafts
  • Start with the two longer sides (parallel to each other) and cut excess fabric from each side and fold neatly into a straight line. Spray with adhesive.
  • Coat the smaller sides of the bin with adhesive, and then fold the angled pieces of fabric up and over the sides.
  • Repeat with the longer sides.
  • Now work the edges all around the bin until you are satisfied that they appear neat, and spray them firmly.
  • If there are any blank spots inside of the bin, cut some fabric and patch them in. Just pre-fold the patches and spray them into place.

Pro-tip: When fitting fabric into the rounded places, slice a small diagonal cut to assist with overlapping.

Fabric crafts

Fold the fabric and overlap it

fabric crafts

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