The BAMA, Bryant & Houndstooth Connection!

As Alabama Crimson Tide players and fans alike celebrated their BCS Rose Bowl National College Championship victory at the start of the new year, crafters and quilters started swarming to their local fabric stores and onto their computers in search of not only the perfect Crimson Tide fabric to commemorate such a win with custom made quilts, home accent pieces, and garments the like, but also for some good old black and white houndstooth prints in honor of the late great Paul ” The Bear” Bryant and his historic role in making the BAMA football team the legend they are today.

What is it about Mr. Bryant that earned him the record of most wins as head coach in collegiate football history? And how lucky was that trademark hat he wore like a talisman? One could guess and speculate for years to come but one thing is for sure, he did more for houndstooth and the University of Alabama than the Scotmen who invented the signiture textile pattern ever did.

So for all you crafters, players, and proud fans of both BAMA and Bryant who have been scouring the state for a yard or more of the fabric that every Crimson man and woman has grown to love, J&O fabrics offers our top shelf houndstooth prints in a variety of fabrics and weights for your flaunting pleasure. From Classic and Court Jester patterns to decorative and fleece materials, where there is houndstooth to be found, their is a memory of Paul “The Bear” Bryant on it!

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