Thanksgiving Crafts For The Whole Family


Thanksgiving is the start of the most wonderful time of the year! It is the first holiday when friends, family, and others that we hold near and dear come together to reminisce, laugh and reflect on a great year. Whether it is the first Thanksgiving you are hosting or the fiftieth, these crafts are a great way to decorate your dining room table. Click on the pictures to get linked to the how-tos.

#1 – Felt Leaf Napkin Rings And Place Holders

Your dinner guests will think that you bought these trendy accents from Etsy! Surprise your friends, your family and yourself with how cute and inexpensive these decorations are. And the best part is, you made them out of decorative felt.




#2- Thanksgiving Dinner Kidlet- Style

Need to keep little ones occupied while you are stuffing the bird? This craft is ideal for young ones who want to be part of making dinner but are way too young to be carving the turkey just yet. This felt turkey dinner is quick and simple to put together. If only the real dinner was this easy!



#3- Handprint Turkey Softie

Gourds are great for a Thanksgiving table, but why not add a personal familial touch? That is what the holidays are all about! This handprint turkey is quick and simple to put together. Wool is one way to go for the accents, but if you make one of the crafts above and have leftover felt, that would work too.



If you like these crafts, you wold love all of our Thanksgiving fabric.If you feel so inspired to do any of these crafts or create your own original creations using our fabric, we would love to see the finished product in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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