J&O Fabrics Window Treatment Trends For 2022

Whether in our place of business or the dwellings we call home, how we treat and dress our windows makes all the difference in how our space looks and feels. A thoughtless treatment can darken and lower the energy of an otherwise vibrant room, just as the perfect dressing can hide its flaws and make it look brand new. With this in mind, is it any wonder why some home / business owners keep up with the experts and latest window treatment trends for 2022?

If you’re one of the many looking to keep your window’s stylish or to transform a living space for 2022, here are a few suggestions.

Tropical Textile Treasures at J&O Fabrics

Vacation in the tropics year round with our hot selection of exotic, themed tropical textile in an array of styles and colors.  Using some of our easy NO-SEW techniques, it’s a breeze to create this island oasis. Simply deck out bamboo and wicker furnishings in coordinating tropical and animal themed prints. Accent your home sanctuary with customized, self-adhesive lampshades in floral or leopard print and beaded trim. For a carefree coastal comfort, trim a sisal rug by hot-gluing strips of tropical print fabric along the edges. Topped with complimentary prints and fun fringe, a wicker trunk adds practical storage to this private paradise. Complete this tropical environment by framing the windows with burlap drapes hung by leather strips and accented with beaded tassels. Even these tailored treatments are made using another quick and easy NO-SEW fusing methods


Winter Blues Got You Down? Quick Ways to Spark Your Creativity from J&O!

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I don’t know about you, but from January 1st to around March of every year, I find myself having to search a little farther and dig a little deeper to muster up the inspiration to design new fashions and eventually create new works of art with the decorative fabrics and novelty prints laying around. Add on top of the already shorter days and longer hours of darkness experienced during these winter months plus the extra snow and ice Mother Nature has packed in across the nation, and one can see how easily a slight bout of seasonal depression can take its effects to a whole other level. Too cold to go out and buy new exciting spring prints, yet to restless to stay in, often times these winter blues of mine have a way of bringing out the worst of my creative potential rather than the best.

J&O Celebrates Annual Caribbean Fashion Week!

After a weeklong postponement, the highly anticipated official start of CFW (Caribbean Fashion Week) in the beautiful island of Jamaica kicks off today! From June 15-21st, Kingston, Jamaica will be host to not only an entourage of creative designers from throughout the caribbean and beyond, but the tropical playground to some of the worlds most beautiful people! Representing such island countries as T&T,  Haiti, Barbados, and sweet Jamaica herself, the talent being housed under the canapy of gently swaying  palm trees, warm evening sunsets, and white sandy beaches carries an inspiration all its own. Even France, Romania and Germany will be in the house to show their stuff for the world to see. With many of the established European design houses pulling on the traditional style and urban flair of  the West Indian culture, is it any surprise why this annual event has risen to such status in the fashion industry over the years? From David Andrea, Meiling, and Yardmanstyle, to Mutumba, Posh Punk, and Milkaya Laijah, the fashions walking down the runway the next few days are sure to be nothing less than FAB-U-LOUS!