The Sustainable Magic of Crypton Green

As concerns surrounding global warming and climate change continue to grow, consumers and textile manufacturers are making more of an effort to play their respective part in altering the negative impact textile industry processes can have on the environment. By reducing their carbon footprints  and supporting more sustainable fabrics and practices, its a win-win for all!. Enter the sustainable magic of Crypton Green fabric

What Is Sustainable Fabric?

Fascinating Fabric: Bathing Beauties Beat Pollution

Fashion and function rarely meet to create something ultra chic. However, at this past Swim Week in South Beach, Miami a group of designers did just that. Designers collaborated to send a line of 100% decomposable bathing suits down the runway.


Instead of being made from polyester, the organic and natural fabrics that are used are made from things like plant starch, wood pulp, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, and fabric scraps of cotton and nylon. The suits won’t break down on a woman’s body, but if given the proper conditions and buried in a landfill, the entire bathing suit will be reduced to nothing in about 180 days.