Organic Bamboo! Best Summer Fabric In Town.


With the summer quickly moving along and temperatures running high, naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant organic bamboo fabric which is breathable even in the hottest weather, is also one of the coolest summer fabrics in town and we have Mother Nature to thank for that!

Traditionally used in China and Japan to make hats and shoes, and in the South Pacific for housing and utensils, bamboo has undergone many processes to create the fiberous form found in modern day wear.  Whether you’re decorating your summer home, designing a collection, or simply making a few pieces for yourself, be beckoned by bamboo and keep your cool at the same time.

J&O Celebrates Christmas In July.



When this past winter’s weather dragged on well into the spring, thoughts of warm sandy beaches and the hot sun shining down on us melting the chill away stayed on the minds and wish lists of many. Now that the blazing rays of summer are here, longings for cooler days and the festivities of the winter season fill our imaginings in such a delightful way we can hardly wait for the season to come back around. Enter Christmas in July!

Celebrating July 4th, Food, Fabrics and YOU!


With summer quickly passing by and sun worshipers trying desperately to slow her pace down, many find themselves scrambling to prepare for one of the seasons biggest festive occasions… the Fourth of July.

Celebrated on that day with fireworks, cook outs, commemorations, and trips to the shore, Independence Day offers a time for reflection, human connection, great food and so much more. At J&O we keep our special occasion fabrics stocked year round for our quilters and artisans to gather and coordinate their projects and quilts well before the rush. Here are a few such popular themed prints and designs to fit the holiday theme and offer nostalgia.

Top Summer Wedding Color Trends 2014


With June still reining as one of the most popular months for marriage ceremonies despite February’s National Wedding Month ownership, color and fabric trends for 2014 are the main question inquiring minds want to know as the month unfolds. According to Pantone and several leading wedding planners around the country, the top 5 colors  for 2014 are mint, dark blue, pink, black, and emerald with mint taking center stage. From bold shades to lighter hues, the summer bridal palate offers its own statement against the traditional white of the bride and black tux of the groom.

Cute Summer Fabric Crafts To Kick Off the Season!

For many, the official start of summer is dictated by the date of the solstice which usually occurs during the month of June. For students, the last day of school is often equated in such a way. Yet for others, it is simply Memorial Day.

Originating after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield, over the years Memorial day has become the traditional UN-official start of the summer season for many in the USA. Celebrated by both memorializing lost ones who have served this county well, and by the ritualistic setting up patio furniture and grills in preparation for a weekend of food and fun, the last Monday of May equates to the last day of spring by majority rule as sun children everywhere welcome the summer in!

Summer Fashion & Craft Camp

School is out for the summer. No more reading or arithmetic. Is mom ready to pull her hair out yet? Here’s an idea that will be fun and educational: organize a day camp centered on using fabulous novelty fabric.

Whether your child is a budding fashionista or a closet Rembrandt, novelty fabrics can be used to craft just about anything. Gather several lifestyle, craft and fashion magazines for inspiration, and let the 8-12 year olds have free rein.

  • From scraps they could create a beautiful fabric mosaic to place in a picture frame or have professionally mounted for larger creations.

Belt Bliss

The newest summer trend that has come into vogue is white jeans matched with a flowy top. However, the vital part of this ensable is setting it off with the right belt. Bright patterned fabric belts (a la Lilly Pulitzer) are the perfect thing to match or compliment your outfit.


Whether you want to be brave and rock the huge belt buckle look as well is completely up to you, but this fresh new accessory is a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit. If you are feeling particularly daring, you can even check out J&O’s quilted fabric or novelty fabric section and make your own belt from your favorite pattern.

Home Sweet Beach

For those who frequent the beach, it becomes a second home. I know that I often look forward to jumping into the crashing waves even more than crossing the threshold of my house after a long day. By decorating your spot in the sand with your colors you can make it even more special for you and your family!

Required Materials:

  • A piece of PVC pipe (found at any hardware store)
  • Base fabric for your flag
  • Large piece of heavy paper
  • The fabric you plan on using to decorate with
  • A ruler

Sew Away The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to kick back and do some relaxing crafting. Often, the only thing that stands in the way of you and a great project during these lazy summer months is thinking of something new and clever to try. To help you out, we compiled these five images of innovative ideas for you to get those creative crafting juices flowing.

#1: The Summer Wreath – Wreaths are often associated with winter and Christmas but they can also add a splash of warmth and color to your home in the warmer months as well!


I Got My Fabric, Now Give Me Spring!

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I don’t know how the weather is affecting folks around the nation, but on the east coast it  is clear, we are ready for the spring!