“How Do I Clean That? ” J&O Fabrics Stain Removal Guide Part II

A couple of years ago we wrote an extensive article offering suggestions for cleaning the most common stains from fabric.  Our stain removal guide covered everything from blood and lipstick to wine, watermarks and even how to brighten your whites. Due to popular demand and the timeless tips we shared, we thought to update our findings and share them once again with you. Happy cleaning !


Whether you’re a woman, have children, or are a participant in this thing called life, inevitably you will meet a blood stain that you want removed. And believe it or not, blood can come out. So before you panic, let J&O give you the band-aid that can heal it.

J&O Fabrics Outdoor Fabric Guide


With the summer season officially here, time to put procrastinating aside and start pulling out those patio cushions, polishing up table tops and dusting off umbrellas in preparation for outdoor entertaining,  fun in the sun, or simply relaxing poolside in the shade.

For many, this process will look more like an arduous chore  rather than a easy task as the winter hibernation season seemed to drag on forever. And if your beautiful cushions weren’t packed up properly, you could be in store for some cleaning and revamping ahead of you. Worse case scenario, you’ll find yourself tossing the old for the new…. DIY or BUY style. Best case, with a little help from J&O fabrics, you’ll find just the right tips, tricks and fabulous fabrics to make your dreams of your backyard living space come true!