J&O Fabrics Top 20 Tried & True Sewing Tips

J&O fabrics sewing tips

Compiled over the years from our on and off-line customers, casual conversations, expert advise columnists, sewing forums, designers, quilters, and treasured seamstresses both present and past, our list of sewing tips n tricks offers some of the best tips tried and true for both the novice and seasoned seamstress. Though the well is endless and we might miss a few, we are sure you’ll find our list helpful wherever you are on your journey.


Top 20 Tried & True Sewing Tips

  1.  MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE. For those who know the dangers of not heeding, this is the golden rule.

When Cabin Fever Hits, Grab Yourself Some Tapestry !


For some, the colder and often restricting weather of the seemingly never ending winter season can lend to feelings of restlessness, lack of motivation, and even cabin fever. For others though, being hunkered in while Winter is in full swing can create just the right setting for some serious sewing. In fact, starting or completing sewing projects while waiting for the fullness of spring can be just the perfect remedy for the ‘winter blues’ that occasionally blow in and sometimes stay. My testimony started with a winter storm and some tapestry.

Ask Netfah: DIY Pillow Problem Solved

jandofabrics, simply, netfahDear Netfah,

I am teaching my little girls the basics of pillow making but have always struggled myself with stitching an enclosed seam so that the pillow corners will be square and filled out. Any advice?



~Pillow Project Problems, W’Boro-NJ



Dear Pillow Project Problems,

Ask Netfah: Special Care for Cotton Tube Fabric

jandofabricsDear Netfah,

I recently purchased a cotton jersey knit that came in a tube. Aside from pre-washing, do I need to do anything in particular to the fabric before cutting the pieces into a garment?

~Sandy / Detroit-MI




Dear Sandy,

Once you have pre-washed the fabric to reduce any additional shrinkage, simply cut along one of the folds and steam or press  to remove the fold line. If it won’t press out or if the fold line is unfortunately somewhat faded due to overexposure to light over time, you will want to be mindful to utilize your fabric strategically so as not to reveal any defects on your final garment.

The Dressmaker’s Thread Arsenal

jando sewing threads stockxchng thea0211

Ever visited a website or fabric store and stumbled upon the notion, sewing supply and thread selection? Do you get puzzled trying to sort through what thread you need for a project? Let’s face it, we all want to get home and get sewing and not be scratching our head over thread. Yet, thread is just as important as the project itself. If you don’t purchase good quality thread or purchase the wrong type for the fabric you are using your project is in jeopardy of not lasting as long as you might like or not cooperating with the sewing machine itself. So, dressmaker’s often amass a thread arsenal that includes a rainbow of their most turned to threads as well as some specialty types for special projects. Check out my listing below for a guide to threads for your next project.

Novelty Fleece for Winter’s Last Chill

Winter Scene by cliff1066image by cliff1066

The weather is still quite cold where I live. I often go for a brisk evening walk, braving the cold, just to get a bit of fresh air after spending the entire day indoors.  My daughter usually tags along and so our walks require quite a bit of bundling to ensure we stay toasty as the wind whips by. Our fleece scarves, hats and mittens are must-haves for winter’s chill.

There is nothing like making a project with fleece, it’s so soft and warm. I can’t wait to get my hands on some and sport the finished project! Check out some of my favorite novelty fleece below, along with my project to-do list!

Top 3 Tips to Organize Your Sewing Space

Organize Your Sewing RoomImage by: georgiapeachez

Since I was a teen I dreamed of having my own creative space. Somewhere I could go and relax without worrying about making a mess in the dining room, which, by the way, killed my creativity! I wanted the ability of making things to my heart’s content and then just leave it sit if I wanted to. It’s no fun feeling guilty for my creative overflow of fabric scraps, yarn and thread. When I got married and moved in to my turn-of-the-century farmhouse I claimed one of the upstairs rooms as my crafting haven.

Cozy Flannel Projects


This is the perfect time of year to start some flannel projects. Wrap yourself in the warmest and softest flannels! Here at J&O we carry over 50 different cotton flannel novelty prints and 10 different colors!  Our out of this world flannel selection is sure to spark your creativity. The ideas below are a springboard to get your creative juices flowing! Also, don’t forget we’re offering Free Shipping on orders over $75.00!* Just enter the coupon code: FreeShip1

Five Minute Sewing Projects

Sewing machine normanak

Let’s be honest, if you’re like me you love to craft, but you might be scratching your head wondering where you will get the time? Our days are filled with work, cleaning, kid’s activities, cooking, and more work. It seems like finding a breather to sit down and sew can be far and few between. However, this year, I have determined that one of my resolutions is to sew more and stress less! I find that sewing is a great stress reliever and when I’m happy everyone else merrily goes about their day. So, even if all I can fit in is five minutes of sewing there are some pretty cool projects that can be turned out in that amount of time. Here are some fabric suggestions along with links to some soul-soothing five minute sewing projects.

Family Fabric Crafts: Craft Felt Doughnuts


Kids absolutely love play food. Why not surprise them by making a baker’s dozen of these fat-free doughnuts! This project is really quick and easy to whip up, not to mention being guilt-free! We carry a large selection of craft felt fabric, in a variety of colors, which is perfect for this project.

Brown Craft Felt for Doughnut
Craft Felt for Icing
Embroidery Floss