D.I.Y. Fleece Hat and Scarf set

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If you’re children are like mine, half of the school year is spent searching for their missing homework while the other is spent searching for their winter fleece hats, missing gloves,  and countless hand-knitted scarves from Grandma. And if you’re a mother like me, you eventually discover the benefits of saving time and money through the creation of D.I.Y. fleece hat and scarf sets rather than the purchasing of new winter wear yet again.

Caring For Your Foam Cushions



Foam plays a large part in the life of your outdoor cushions since any outdoor fabric is only relatively water proof in a rain storm, and will eventually let water into the cushions one day. Water sitting in the foam of your cushion can mold your fabric and create harmful mildew.  If you are willing to cover your cushions or bring them in to protect them from rain and moisture then do so. If however you are not, then here are a few types of outdoor cushion foams that may work for you.



Fascinating Fabric: Simply Stunning



G2 Consulting has always specialized in lighting warning systems. However, an idea that was recently actualized by co-owner Greg Schultz might push them into a niche in the specialized clothing industry. Upon Schultz’s prompting, the Tucson, Arizona based company developed a polyester fabric that has the ability to repel the 50,000 volts that shoot out of a stun gun or cattle prod. The fabric, labeled ‘Thor Shield,’ is a thin, breathable material that contains a conductor. This means that instead of the electrical circuit going through the person that it is intended for, it goes through the material and loops back to its source.

J&O Fabrics Retro Fabric Contest

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It’s a Retro Revival!!!

Polyester suits, bell bottom pants, disco, pet rocks and fat ties are some things that many of us gave permission to quietly fade into oblivion when it comes to the 70’s era. But the 70’s also produced some great bands, movies, home furnishings and funky retro fabric prints. From bold geometric shapes in vibrant colors, to psychodelic designs with funky artistic flair, visually stimulation was ‘in’. Some of you may even remember other design elements found in seventies furniture and interior decorating including shag-pile carpet, textured walls, lacquered furniture, gaudy lampshades, molded plastic furniture, and of course… plaids! In honor of the era and the patterns that sustained their popularity thru the many fashion trends and cycles of life, J&O Fabrics alongside Retro Revival, are pleased to announce an incredibly awesome contest for the 70’s/vintage fabric lover in you!