Get DIY Creative With Clear Vinyl

When it comes to working with clear vinyl, J&O Fabric’s has the scoop on how to maximize its creative use. From its traditional application as window insulation, table coverings, and puzzle protectors, to more fashionable uses as accented fashion pumps, transparent bags and cute rain capes, clear vinyl can offer diverse DIY options with minimal effort and construction.

Ranging from 4 – 60 gauge, the higher the number, the thicker the clear vinyl. All the gauges are waterproof, durable, and can withstand very hot and cold temperatures. Clear vinyl also provides some UV protection and is non-yellowing.

Fascinating Fabric: Soldiers Lose Their Shirts To Go Green



We at J&O Fabric love our military men and women. There is nothing quite as reassuring as seeing our own in… plastic? According to a news report, the Senate Armed Services Committee is pushing the Defense department to consider giving new recruits uniforms made from recycled materials like plastic bottles (the alternative is that they receive hand-me-downs). It may not be an organic fabric, but it is green nonetheless.

photo courtesy: rodnae productions