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Panda Craft Tutorial

* Gentle strength *

* Peace *

* Good luck *

* Positive outlook on life *

* Connection with Eastern wisdom *


Whether you are drawn to Panda Bears for tangible reasons or they resonate with you on a deeper more symbolic level, there is no denying the powerful energy they possess inspiring tranquil strength and determination. Under its soft and fuzzy appearances, this animal totem brings forth the importance of strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life. If you have the panda as spirit animal or totem, you may be inclined to be emotional and feel like you need strong material and physical comfort to feel at ease in your life. Symbolic of the ability to find a balanced and nurturing path through life, it will encourage those who have it as totem or power animal to integrate different aspects of their personality in a harmonious whole.

Ask Netfah: DIY Pillow Problem Solved

jandofabrics, simply, netfahDear Netfah,

I am teaching my little girls the basics of pillow making but have always struggled myself with stitching an enclosed seam so that the pillow corners will be square and filled out. Any advice?



~Pillow Project Problems, W’Boro-NJ



Dear Pillow Project Problems,

To Couch, With Love

Everyone loves getting postcards. There is nothing quite like knowing that someone who cares about you is thinking of you while they are off exploring new places. A great way to preserve that sentiment is by creating a pillow replica of your favorite postcards. You can even create your own original postcard pillow to keep or send to a friend.

Required Materials:

J&o pillow project supplies

  • The 2 fabrics you want to use for your pillow (I recommend canvas for the side you will be writing on)
  • A sewing machine (if you want to hand stitch your pillow, that is fine too)