10 Reasons Why We LOVE Elephants


Whether you have an affinity for elephants because of the mythologies surrounding them, or simply find fascination with the many cultural symbolism’s that have garnered affiliation, one thing is for certain… no other land mammal is as famous for its gentleness and intelligence than this mighty land mammal. In ode to this magnificent creature of sacred idolization by some and good luck wishes by others, J&O fabrics offers a mix of old and new prints in cotton and tapestry to inspire elephant themed crafts and home textile creations throughout the seasons.  From our vintage Elephants of India and Grant Elephants Tapestry to our recently ordered Novelty Cotton Suzani Elephant Caravan ,  we are sure they will offer a bit of inspiration of your own with your next DIY home accent piece or themed fabric craft creation.

J&O Fabrics Colorful Craft Ideas for the 2018 Spring Season

As we slowly transition into a spring season that seems to finally be here stay for a few, we find ourselves mimicking nature’s shedding of muted winter colors in exchange of an array of vibrant shades reflective of those found in Mother Nature’s vibrant prism. In celebration of the spectrum of light vibrations that brings us an amazing palate of blue, red, orange, yellow, and green for our imagination to play with, J&O Fabrics offers a few colorful craft ideas along with a selection of choice fabrics from our shelves to fulfill your creative mood.