Celebrating Black History Month Through African Fabric

As we celebrate Black History Month and the invaluable contributions of both African and African-Americans in areas of technology, entertainment, science, mathematics and the arts, we are reminded of their traditional roots in African textiles as well. From their colorful kente cloth from Ghana, bògòlanfini (mudcloth), and richly colored adire (indigo fabrics) from Mali, to their African lace of Nigeria, East African Kitenge and Egyptian cotton, African fabrics were hand-woven, painted, and dyed in tradition and meaning that sustains itself today. As well, we celebrate the symbolic Adinkra symbols of West Africa, storytelling wovens of Ghana, and abstract geometric shapes of the continent itself that can be found on printed cottons in many fabric stores and infused into the latest fashions.

J&O Crafty Customer: Jenny’s Angels

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As our Facebook Fan page continues to grow, more and more of our crafty customers are showing off  their cool creations for our J&O family and community to view, share and comment on. One such fan is Karen Jordan of Jenny’s Angels, a line of custom made aprons and christening outfits designed in honor of Karen’s best friend Jenny who passed awaiting a kidney transplant. For Karen, all babies are angels, and since her line is named for Jen, a portion of every design sold is donated to the American Diabetes Foundation in her name . Jenny also loved butterflies, so on all of Karen’s custom christening gown designs there is a butterfly somewhere. Since Karen is a religious follower of our J&O Fabrics  acebook page, she is constantly replenishing her fabric stock with cool prints from our store and has this to say about our fabulous collection of Michael Miller prints and more…

Colorful Classroom Crate Seat Tutorial



As the summer season comes to an end and teachers around the country convene on closed up classrooms looking to revive them on shoestring budgets in preparation for the influx of new students about to descend upon its furnishings in the weeks to come, DIY crate seats built for comfort and storage rate high on the time sensitive to-do-lists. But have no fear, J&O Fabrics has just the right selection of child-friendly fabrics at the click of a button to help our wonderful educators inspire impressionable minds while educating at the same time. From alphabet and addition themed prints to colorful character filled material and funky geometric designs, our assortment is as endless and our shoppers’ creative minds. With the right fabric and just a few steps, your classroom can go from outdated to updated before the first class bell rings.

J&O Celebrates Christmas In July.



When this past winter’s weather dragged on well into the spring, thoughts of warm sandy beaches and the hot sun shining down on us melting the chill away stayed on the minds and wish lists of many. Now that the blazing rays of summer are here, longings for cooler days and the festivities of the winter season fill our imaginings in such a delightful way we can hardly wait for the season to come back around. Enter Christmas in July!

Celebrate ‘Love Your Pet Day’ With J&O Fabrics

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” Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened. “

February 20, 2014 is Love Your Pet Day! A day set aside each year to devote extra special attention and love to our can’t-live- without, love-you-to-death, mans-best-companion family additions that have become such and intimate part of our lives in one way or another along the way. Celebrated around the world and including ALL types of creatures from common household dogs, cats and birds, to reptiles, insects, primates and more, Love Your Pet Day offers an opportunity to pamper your little furry, scaly, loved one in a special way. With a little help from J&O, those special treats are only a click away. From extra stuffed pet beds and custom outer wear, to fabric embellished scrapbooks and laminated food bowls, our pet themed fabrics come in an array of styles, colors and designs making finding the right selection for both you and Spike, fun and personalized.

Celebrate Contributions and Achievements of African-Americans with J&O Fabrics

With Black History Month officially kicking off this week, we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate the multitude of contributions and achievements African-Americans have made toward the advancement of not only our country, but the human race as a whole in the fields of science, math, athletics, literature, medicine, technology, agriculture, art, music and more. From our farmer’s bible…aka…the Almanac created by Benjamin Banneker (appx 1791) , and clothes dryer by G.T. Sampson (1862),  to the ever popular cell phone invented by Henry Sampson (1971) and house keeping friend …the dust pan, by Lawrence P Ray (1897), the list of ‘firsts’ invented by African Americans goes on and on. Each year since it’s inception,  Black History month has been drawing more recognition to the achievements of the past, encouraging more creative ideas and first’s to come in the future, and offering exposure to the faces and stories our books have often left out in its attempt at rewriting American HIS-story.

J&O Fabrics Announces Winner of ‘Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest’!

What a selection of creative costumes our facebook fans have had the pleasure of viewing and judging these last two weeks! Over a month ago we started with sixteen Halloween costume entries that made it into the 3rd Annual J&O Fabrics ‘ Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest ‘ voting bracket, and after all was send and done, we ended with four. Check them out below!


1st Place Winner: Dorthy Lafferty's Fox

The Way it Makes me Feel

Whenever I see dog fabric it reminds me of my friends dogs and how welcomed they made me feel. Ya know the way dogs are, they slobber all over you, jump up if they are not “trained” and inevitably stick there dog nose, you know where. But the best thing about Dogs is how they stand by you and sit with you. How they keep you warm and keep you company. It’s fitting that they should have novelty fleece fabric with pictures of dogs. If I had my own dog I would surely make a no-sew fleece blanket for me and my dog. My friend had 3 German Shepherds last time I took the train to see her.

” Like A Virgin, Sewing For the Very First Time.”

Whether you lost your virginity 5 years ago or 50, every woman (and maybe some men) remembers their first. In the creative world of sewing, that recollection is no different. Whether an expert or a novice, everyone started somewhere and everyone remembers their first…..project that is. Was their first all they expected it to be? Maybe. Did they give intimate blow by blow details of it all? Depends on how good or how bad it was. If they knew then what they knew now, would they have done things differently? In the case of bad……YES!!! 

Ten of our Funniest Sewing Tip Responses

On our Facebook page we have a daily sewing tip. We fondly refer to it as our “Sewing Tip of the Day”.  We sit in a backroom, feverishly trying to come up with these tips. Occasionally, when we don’t feel inspired we scan the web aimlessly. Sometimes without much luck, while other times we are inspired and one thing leads to another. That’s the way it often happens once we place the tip of the day on Facebook. One thing leads to another, and another, and another. Here’s a sampling of those.