When Cabin Fever Hits, Grab Yourself Some Tapestry !


For some, the colder and often restricting weather of the seemingly never ending winter season can lend to feelings of restlessness, lack of motivation, and even cabin fever. For others though, being hunkered in while Winter is in full swing can create just the right setting for some serious sewing. In fact, starting or completing sewing projects while waiting for the fullness of spring can be just the perfect remedy for the ‘winter blues’ that occasionally blow in and sometimes stay. My testimony started with a winter storm and some tapestry.

The Dawn of Modern Fabric Art

French artist Emilie Faif specializes in mixed medium art. Most recently, she has begun to work with our favorite material: fabric. Her dreamscape-esk work leaves the viewer believing that they are looking at much more than colorful cotton; it seems as though you have stepped directly into the artist’s subconscious. Here are some examples of the artist’s work:








College Creations: Colorful Orginization



Hello! My name is Laura and I go to school in the amazing city of Boston where I attend Emerson College. As much as I adore school and my suitemates it can get a little crazy and a little cluttered living with five other girls. I try to do everything that I can to stay organized which is why I chose this project. These clipboards are great for keeping the copious lists that I make front and center and they add a special something to an otherwise boring part of my wall.



Fascinating Fabric: Squeaky Clean Cotton


Lets face it, we live in a germ and bacteria filled world. Don’t get us wrong, most of it is necessary to live. There have been tons of studies done that prove that exposure to such things as we grow strengthens our immune systems and lessens our chances of having acute allergies. However, it is indisputable that too much of the wrong bacteria can really mess with your health. That is why chemists at the University of California were incredibly excited when they discovered a way to make self-disinfecting cotton.


Fascinating Fabric: Sensational Seaweed


Recently, a number of organic clothing lines have sprung up promising that their processes are easy on the environment as well as bright and trendy. However, all too often companies only follow through with the organic aspect of that promise. We at J&O are happy to say that IMAGINE GreenWear breaks the mold and comes shining through as an answer to the prayers of the fashion conscious consumer interested in reducing their carbon footprint.




J&O Sewing Classes: Sew Your Troubles Away

Image sourced from cathyofcalifornia.typepad.com

The staff of J&O is happy to announce that we are now offering basic sewing lessons. Located at our store in Pennsauken, New Jersey we are offering one-on-one classes where you can learn about this craft from our experts. For a flat rate of $60, you can become acquainted with all of the ins and outs of sewing:

  • Buttons
  • Pocketbooks
  • Pillows
  • Pajamas
  • And more!

We also offer classes on how to make no-sew tie blankets that are great for kids.

Crime Busting Cotton

As Halloween draws near, most people assume that the bumps they hear in the night are a result of a restless monster under their bed. However, too often there is a real life culprit responsible in the form of a robber. Now, thanks to a partnership between Scottish police and their forensics department, our favorite medium can now be used to fingerprint and identify the bad guys: fabric.


YouTube Preview ImageThe above video does a good job explaining the basics of how the process works and is definitely worth viewing (plus the man doing the tutorial has a wicked accent).

Just Folkin Around


The Philadelphia Folk Festival is a three day long music extravaganza. During those three days, three generations of people come together in a farmer’s field in Schwenksville, PA to listen to (and play) some amazing music, camp, and bond with their fellow hippie compatriots.  When you step onto grounds, you take a step back to fifty years ago when ‘Fest’ began. Not only is the entire vibe of the festival the same now as it was then, so is the style of clothing. Along with friends and music, another attraction to Fest is its craft area. There, you will find one of the most unique assortments of clothing and goods ever brought together in one place.

The Princess And The Canopy


Unfortunately, we can’t all be Princess Kate Middleton. However, I still know many women who think that they are royalty and should be treated as such. Heck, who are we to argue with hardworking females?! So treat yourself like a princess and sleep like one. These romantic canopy’s are sure to win the favor of any royal feminine eye. Oh, and by the way, how fabulous was her dress?

The Ultimate

Little Critters

Every year from age eight to age twelve, I insisted upon being a which for Halloween. I got to paint my face green, run around pretending to ride a broom, and make ‘potions’ in my back yard using everything from sticks to my dad’s hair gel (he just loved that). Looking back on it, I wish that someone had shown me all of my options! If I had known how cool it would be to put on some boxing gloves and a long brightly colored cotton robe and be a kick butt boxer, I totally would have done that. In that spirit, we compiled our top five favorite kid’s Halloween costumes: