The Sustainable Magic of Crypton Green

As concerns surrounding global warming and climate change continue to grow, consumers and textile manufacturers are making more of an effort to play their respective part in altering the negative impact textile industry processes can have on the environment. By reducing their carbon footprints  and supporting more sustainable fabrics and practices, its a win-win for all!. Enter the sustainable magic of Crypton Green fabric

What Is Sustainable Fabric?

How to Prep Your Outdoor Space For Summer Living

March 21st marks the first day of spring, and whether it feels like it outside or not, this is the time to start assessing the condition of your outdoor living space and furniture. Is your patio awning in good condition? Are there dead trees and shrubs that need to be removed? Are the cushions, padding or frames of your furnishing in need of replacement? Check off your list now so that when the warmer days come, you are ahead of the game.To get ready for the season and prepare your outdoor living space take a moment to review the cushion measuring and care guidelines below.

Shades Shutters or Blinds …Oh My!

Whether you’re a seasoned renter or ambitious first timer, one of the most important considerations for the enhancement of any vacation spot is its source of natural lighting. As such, if you are considering updating the windows in your home for renters this summer, knowing the difference between shades, shutters or blinds and how they affect the mood of your space could make all the difference.

What is a window treatment?

Tips For Creating Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Bohemian Sanctuary This Summer

outdoor living space

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How does your home space look?

How does your home space feel?


With mandated self-quarantining and social distancing protocols in place extending way beyond borders and well into the summer, many are finding themselves exchanging vacations away for stay-cations at home, spending less by doing more DIY projects, and taking visual and emotional inventory on their new world formerly known as just  ‘home’.

Sewing Superstitions From Around the World



superstition {noun}

su·​per·​sti·​tion | \ ˌsü-pər-ˈsti-shən \

Definition of superstition:
1: a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation
2: a notion maintained despite evidence to the contrary


When Cabin Fever Hits, Grab Yourself Some Tapestry !


For some, the colder and often restricting weather of the seemingly never ending winter season can lend to feelings of restlessness, lack of motivation, and even cabin fever. For others though, being hunkered in while Winter is in full swing can create just the right setting for some serious sewing. In fact, starting or completing sewing projects while waiting for the fullness of spring can be just the perfect remedy for the ‘winter blues’ that occasionally blow in and sometimes stay. My testimony started with a winter storm and some tapestry.

Out With The Old, In With The New: J&O Fabrics Gets A Facelift for 2010!

After over 40 years in business, stumbling blocks turned into stepping stones, and many devoted customers gained along the way, J&O Fabrics is stepping out of 2009 and into 2010 with a new look and a new attitude!

For years, the humble yet surprisingly high volumed brick and mortar located at 9401 Rte. 130 South in Pennsauken, NJ and home to some of the worlds top designer fabrics, was only identifiable by a large yet outdated red and black store marker nestled steadfastly on top of its sign pole in front of the family operated store. Inconspicuous to many and almost invisible to a few more, the headquarters to which many online customers would drive through states to visit, often got lost in a sea of fancy lights, colorful graphics and modern signage….until today.

Economical Ideas: Laptop Sleeve

An essential part of the gear of every laptop is the carrying case. You can find some that are bulky and some that are sleek, but one thing they have in common is that they are drab. With this blog J&O offers an economical and stylish alternative to the usual laptop sleeves and cases with a fabric laptop sleeve. Using this idea you can make yourself a laptop sleeve with a velcro flap fit for a 15″ laptop. Thanks to for the wonderful idea.

J&O Fabrics and You!

As one of the largest fabric stores in South Jersey, J&O Fabrics constantly strives to meet our customers’ fabric needs, textile inquiries and crafting solutions with the first hand knowledge and general concern that over 45 years of being in the fabric business provides. Even as we move deeper into the age of technology, and new material from all around the world is being placed at our fingertips with just the click of a button, we at J&O continually strive to maintain that personal rapport with our customers that our growing family owned operation was built upon. From the teen aged novice at our local high school purchasing a few yards of the latest designer dress fabrics for the fashionable masterpiece that will ensure her a chance at fame as the next top designer in ‘Project Runway’, to the experienced interior design group from Italy that orders no less than 50 yards at a time of our top shelf tapestry and upholstery to create dream rooms for their celebrity clientele; no request is too big or too small.

J&O Welcomes The Beatles!!

When the Beatles arrived on American shores in 1963, their brand of Rock & Roll wasn’t that far removed from the tracks laid down at Sun Studio in Memphis a few years before. By the time the Beatles were done as a group, they had taken Rock & Roll in previously unimagined directions, created a counter culture movement of revolutionary minded youths and taken America by storm! Within no time their songs became contagious hits that had men wearing long hair and protesting the American government, and crazed females from all age groups growing to unbelievable numbers. Not even the elders or the babes were immune from The Beatle virus infecting our music hungry nation. Their sound was upbeat and new, their energy was harmonious, and their look……well, let’s just say, fans far and wide had a hard time keeping their eyes off of them. From a 70 year old woman throwing her bloomers onto the stage at one of their live concerts, to a 22 year old man who wrote over 1000 love letters to each of the members in hopes to win their affections; countless stories have been told. Countless more still lay on the silent but smiling lips of our dearly departed, and in between the pages of our grandmother’s dusty diaries.