The Sustainable Magic of Crypton Green

As concerns surrounding global warming and climate change continue to grow, consumers and textile manufacturers are making more of an effort to play their respective part in altering the negative impact textile industry processes can have on the environment. By reducing their carbon footprints  and supporting more sustainable fabrics and practices, its a win-win for all!. Enter the sustainable magic of Crypton Green fabric

What Is Sustainable Fabric?

Tips For Creating Your Own Indoor/Outdoor Bohemian Sanctuary This Summer

outdoor living space

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How does your home space look?

How does your home space feel?


With mandated self-quarantining and social distancing protocols in place extending way beyond borders and well into the summer, many are finding themselves exchanging vacations away for stay-cations at home, spending less by doing more DIY projects, and taking visual and emotional inventory on their new world formerly known as just  ‘home’.

Light Up Your Life With LUMINEX Fabric!

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with fabric and fashion. Back in the 70’s prints, patterns and denims ruled. Dress shirts were loud and vibrant, casual tops carried stripes and abstract lines and jeans were made even more popular by the dons, divas and designers of the fashion industry. They could be found on men, women and children across the nation in a multitude of brands and styles. From Sergio Valente and Jordache, to Wrangler and Lee’s, denim could be seen from head to toe on the not only the city fashionista, but the western country boy as well. If I remember correctly, my favorite jeans were a second hand pair of worn Gloria Vanderbilt’s that I got from my older sister.