J&O Fabrics Outdoor Fabric Guide


With the summer season officially here, time to put procrastinating aside and start pulling out those patio cushions, polishing up table tops and dusting off umbrellas in preparation for outdoor entertaining,  fun in the sun, or simply relaxing poolside in the shade.

For many, this process will look more like an arduous chore¬† rather than a easy task as the winter hibernation season seemed to drag on forever. And if your beautiful cushions weren’t packed up properly, you could be in store for some cleaning and revamping ahead of you. Worse case scenario, you’ll find yourself tossing the old for the new…. DIY or BUY style. Best case, with a little help from J&O fabrics, you’ll find just the right tips, tricks and fabulous fabrics to make your dreams of your backyard living space come true!

Ask Netfah: Knit Shrinkage Prevention.

Dear Netfah,

The other day I bought a cotton/poly knit, kind of like the tee shirt material, that I really love. I am planning to make a dress for a friends birthday and wanted to know if I should prewash it to allow room for shrinkage before I start cutting.

-Suzie, San Francisco CA

Dear Suzie,

I would suggest washing almost any NON dry clean only material before I construct a garment in this case not only for shrinkage allowance, but for the same reason its good to wash new clothes before you wear them; you never know where they have been stored or what unwanted pests and chemicals may have found their way into the fibers.

Nature’s Natural & Organic Stain Removers

All Natural Baking Soda

I remember as a child, my mother pouring that white powdered mineral into the palm of my hand and showing me how to scoop up a little onto my toothbrush to clean my teeth. Her reason, children don’t need all that extra coloring and flavoring that commercial tooth pastes often had in them. It was grainy and abrasive, but it was all natural and boy did it leave me teeth and mouth feeling sparkling clean afterwards! When I would open the refrigerator later in the day for an afternoon snack, there it was again. My mother would say she used it to keep the foods free from odor causing bacteria. Funny how this little yellow box of baking soda did so much.