Industrial Hemp: One Of The Most Eco-Friendly Fabrics In The World


With the popularity in and demand for Industrial Hemp on the rise, everyone from fabric manufacturers, sustainable textile advocates and designers, to artisans, young entrepreneurs, and DIY crafters are discovering creative ways to cash in on the cannabis crop. But what is all the buzz about? And what are the benefits of this strand of hemp?

Industrial Hemp comes from the same Cannabis Sativa family of plants as its more notable female cousin, CBD Hemp…aka Mary Jane. The main difference between Industrial Hemp and CBD Hemp is that Industrial Hemp contains only traces of the psychoactive THC that has made its cousin famous. What makes Industrial Hemp special however, is what’s hidden in its fibers.

Ethical Fashions, Peace Silk & Tosheka Designs


Every once and awhile as we conduct research online for  information, new innovations and stories within the textile industry to develop and share with you, we stumble on unique individuals and companies doing interesting and often times fascinating things with fabric around the world. One such company is Tosheka Designs.

Go Green Gina: Fast Fashion vs Ethical Fashion

We are living in the age of fast fashion vs ethical fashion , where textile mills and design houses are now belting out new fashions almost 52 times a year instead of at the standard semi annual rate. Where the fashions are cheaper and the mentality cultivated  in consumers is one of waste. The desire for instant gratification and an embedded, incessant need for the latest ‘in’ thing means once a new trend comes in, the easily affordable fashions are now disposable before they really had a chance to get any wear really. And since the new fashions are more accessible to the masses, what’s the incentive in saving them anyway? Do we really need to over-consume like this to make us FEEL rich or successful inside? And are we taking a moment to even question what the price being paid is on the other side?

Rita Moreno Turns the 90th Oscar’s Red Carpet Green

This past weekend marked the 90th Anniversary of the Oscar’s , a night set aside each year to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements within the American film industry. However, for many fashionistas, designers and viewers worldwide, it is the night of the red carpet fashion parade. For fashion watchers this time, it was the night Rita Moreno turned the Oscar’s red carpet green.

As in years past, there often unfolds a seemingly unintentional color palate or design concept that becomes the fashion theme for the night. Whether it is black and form fitting or low plunging necklines and open backs, which fashion trends take center stage is always an anticipation and highlight.

Organic Bamboo! Best Summer Fabric In Town.


With the summer quickly moving along and temperatures running high, naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant organic bamboo fabric which is breathable even in the hottest weather, is also one of the coolest summer fabrics in town and we have Mother Nature to thank for that!

Traditionally used in China and Japan to make hats and shoes, and in the South Pacific for housing and utensils, bamboo has undergone many processes to create the fiberous form found in modern day wear.  Whether you’re decorating your summer home, designing a collection, or simply making a few pieces for yourself, be beckoned by bamboo and keep your cool at the same time.

Cute Summer Fabric Crafts To Kick Off the Season!

For many, the official start of summer is dictated by the date of the solstice which usually occurs during the month of June. For students, the last day of school is often equated in such a way. Yet for others, it is simply Memorial Day.

Originating after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died on the battlefield, over the years Memorial day has become the traditional UN-official start of the summer season for many in the USA. Celebrated by both memorializing lost ones who have served this county well, and by the ritualistic setting up patio furniture and grills in preparation for a weekend of food and fun, the last Monday of May equates to the last day of spring by majority rule as sun children everywhere welcome the summer in!

Go Green! Top 10 Eco-Friendly Terms To Look For On Your Next Shopping Trip.


We are living in a time when the rich resources our loving Mother Earth has provided us with are now, as a result of abuse and misuse by man, in need of sustaining to ensure their provision not only for her living inhabitants now, but for future generations to come. It is because of this, that a growing awareness in and ‘go-green’ consciousness of creative ways to assist in this precious recycling of resources has developed. From Number 1 PET or PETE soda and water bottle plastics recycled into polar fleece, to the use of natural fibers, dyes and chemical free cleaning processes on our textile goods, being eco-friendly has become as necessary as it has trendy!

Go Green Gina: Make Your Sewing Room Greener, Happier & Healthier!

go green gina, jandofabrics, ecofriendly, organic fabric, go green, green living, green sewing, sewingFor many of us, the idea of ‘going green’ and playing a vital part in helping to save Mother Earth from resource depletion and over consumption, is more than just a passing fancy. J&O Fabric store is doing our part by bringing in more and more organic fabrics.  As each day ushers in new devastating information pertaining to the effects of global warming, pollution in our air and waters, cancers in our food supply, and the long term effects of genetically modified textile crops such as our beloved cotton, more and more of us are raising our awareness to the fragile balance and co-dependency of man and nature, and are taking steps both big and small to ensure our survival and that of future generations. One such step that we can take as seamstresses, tailors, crafters, and designers, is to make our sewing environments more eco-friendly. With the running of our machines and the burning of the midnight oil (lights) to get our projects done sometimes, the amount of energy we use in the course of a day, a week, a month, adds up. When considering that the leading cause of our eco-system breakdown is still the burning of coal to generate electricity, we owe it to Mother Nature to do our part, one change at a time.

Mid-Century Paisley…$185/yd and Worth Every Penny!

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Product : mah33030

Nestled quietly between The City of Brotherly Love, aka Philadelphia, and the nation’s fashion capital, New York City; J&O Fabrics houses some of the industry’s most beautiful and sought after fabrics around. And every week, its employees have the pleasurable opportunity of getting a first hand look at the assortment of new fabrics that roll off the freight trucks and into our supermarket sized brick and mortar right here in the Garden State known to most as New Jersey. 

Ask Netfah: Food Safe Fabrics for Reusable Sandwich Bags

Dear Netfah,

I am working on reusable bags for my kids and Xmas gifts, but heard a lot of the nylon, PUL (polyurethane) fabric and other stuff are not food safe. Any sugestions for ‘food safe’ fabrics or alternatives for my project?

Thank You


Dear Leilane,