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Paint the Town Green With J&O Fabrics This St. Patrick’s Day !


When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we think of shamrocks, leprechauns, 4-leaf clovers, corn beef and cabbage and of course all things Irish! But who is this St Patrick ? What’s the significance of all the traditions that make up this celebrated holiday? And why does everyone wear green?

J&O Fabrics did a little research to find out.

Who is St. Patrick?

2018 Winter Olympics Fashion Faux Pas

With the exciting 2018 Winter Olympics coming to a close today, we can all breath a hopeful sigh of relief that the worst of the wardrobe malfunctions is now over. After figure skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Yura Min both braved their worst possible performance nightmares come true with grace and focus (second to a fall) when each of their costumes came undone exposing some or all of their womanly parts to the millions of viewers watching live worldwide,  the only question that remained on the minds of seamstresses and costume designers who viewed this fashion faux pas is ….

Something Old, Something New….5 Cool DIY Wedding Craft Tutorials for You!


Although largely a British custom, the old English rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” connected to weddings is said to attest to the human tendency to value continuity and new beginnings, unity and separation. Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity. While various renditions of this tradition have been adopted into wedding ceremonies crossing both cultural and ethnic divides, it’s symbolic meaning has remained intact offering traditionalists and new-agers alike the opportunity to incorporate and make their special day as unique as the love the two of them share.

Celebrate Love, The Heart, And National Go Red Day!

jandofabricsThis Friday (February 7 2014) is National Go Red Day, a day dedicated to the education and prevention of heart disease. And with heart disease still continuing to be the number one killer of Americans overall and women in particular, the need for us to take better care of our beating organ is the order of the day, year, and rest of our life. From proper diet and excersize, to sufficient rest and room for play, it is often the little things when applied overall that can make  the biggest difference and bring about the most profound change.

Simple Fun: Creating Doll Garments

J&O Beautiful and well done dolls' clothing sourced from

Usually when I tell people that I make doll clothes they are taken aback which is understandable; once you start a project you are excited about it seems that you blink twice and it is already finished. However, even with that factored in you can still have a lot of fun with this craft by using tiny pieces of finer fabric chiffon, organza, and satin to make outfits that you would never wear yourself or would never have the guts to. In short, you can build yourself an imaginary closet using beautiful dress fabrics. Even brocades work beautifully for coats on dolls if you use a small enough pattern! If that is not enough to keep you occupied, there is also the challenging of fitting clothing to different sized dolls.

J&O Fabrics Announces Winner of ‘Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest’!

What a selection of creative costumes our facebook fans have had the pleasure of viewing and judging these last two weeks! Over a month ago we started with sixteen Halloween costume entries that made it into the 3rd Annual J&O Fabrics ‘ Most Creative Handcrafted Halloween Costume Contest ‘ voting bracket, and after all was send and done, we ended with four. Check them out below!


1st Place Winner: Dorthy Lafferty's Fox

Crazy Costume Creations

jandoelaboratecostumesgroup Every year, we at J&O get over excited for Halloween. It is the one time of year when we can galavant around in crazy get-ups that we create from off the wall fabric. However, every year when we are looking for inspiration, it is always hard to find somewhere to begin. That is why we have compiled this group of photos to glean inspiration from. After all, when it comes to Halloween costumes, the bigger and bolder, the better.


Princess and Prince Charming



Fall Fashion Favorite

Happy almost- fall everyone!


For most, this is the fantastic time of the year when school is starting, the hot summer nights turn into cool sleeping weather, and Halloween candy starts appearing in supermarkets. In the fashion world something equally as fantastical and marvelous is happening: fall collections are hitting the runways.


2011 Spring Trend Alert: Lace Fabric

One of the prettiest spring trends we’ve seen is the return to lace accents and dressing. Lace clothing, while not new, has evolved as an extension of the sheer fabric trend. The trend for 2011 is more about how to use this dress fabric in a new and novel way.

Lace can be used to add flair to sleeves, hemlines and necklines. A dress or skirt made completely of lace fabric displays a striking independence.

A black lace fabric dress or tiered lace dress is both elegant and sensual without being overly frilly. An antique lace skirt with scalloped edges can show the romantic side of your nature.

“Sewjo Off? How To Know When It’s Time to Put the Needle Down!”

jandofabricsHave you ever noticed how challenging even the simplest sewing projects or most routine steps suddenly become when our emotions come into play? Seems when our mood is light and upbeat, our  fabric  flows thru our machine with more ease, our stitchwork is more on point, even little nuances like ripping out a seam or altering a mistake just seem par the course. But when our mood is heavy and our ‘sewjo’ is off, all hell breaks loose. It’s almost as if our sadness, anger, stress or residue from the day, is emitted off of us and then reflected back to us the same. As a result,  what normally takes five minutes to repair, can take fifteen or even fifty. That dress fabric that you sewed together the wrong way, is now being fixed for the umpteenth time, and it’s almost as if a naughty little elf came and swiped the piece of Baroque trim from the table you placed it on less than two minutes ago. Yeah, the same trim that you scoured the local craft marketplace all day for to complete your sitting room valance. In the midst of all the madness, now it appears your mind is playing tricks on you!