J&O Holiday Splendor Room Decor

I remember holidays full of turkey, stuffing and apple pie. Generations around the table partaking in good food, tasty sweets and infectious laughter.  Handmade napkins printed in holly dressed grandmama’s table that was draped in green poly crepe. In the room surrounding us,  lights bounced off inanimate objects casting golden shadows on beige striped and cran-apple suede cushioned wing chairs while tie-backs in holiday splendor dangled on vanilla drapes.  Assorted prints and textures added warmth and richness. And under the tree, Christmas gifts wrapped in traditional furoshiki styled fabrics of red tissue lame and festive plaid check.

J&O Celebrates Christmas In July.



When this past winter’s weather dragged on well into the spring, thoughts of warm sandy beaches and the hot sun shining down on us melting the chill away stayed on the minds and wish lists of many. Now that the blazing rays of summer are here, longings for cooler days and the festivities of the winter season fill our imaginings in such a delightful way we can hardly wait for the season to come back around. Enter Christmas in July!

What Santa’s Outfit Is Made Of

J&O Santa Costume

Santa has an iconic look to say the least. He can be recognized all over the world by his characteristic hat, boots, jacket, pants, and of course, his fluffy white beard. This Christmas season we sat down and really thought about what went into putting together that outfit when Mrs. Claus first sewed it hundreds of years ago.

Faux Fur

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J&O Winter Sun Decorative Cording

Novelty Fabric for Your Holiday Projects: Christmas

J&O Christmas Fabric Discount

Celebrate the holidays by shopping our Christmas fabric sale! Check out some of our favorite Christmas novelty fabric to get inspired for this season of giving. Thinking outside the box is important when dressing up your home for the holidays. Anyone can put up a wreath, but it takes a true lover of crafts and sewing to be able to make something unique to spice up a room. We picked out some of our funnest fabric for you to browse through. Enjoy!




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Make the sports fan in your life’s holiday a little brighter with a gift that incorporates our NFL Fabric. From now until December 7th J&O is running a special on all of our NFL fleece, flannel, and Snuggies. Now is your chance to shop and get 15% off your favorite team’s fabric! Check out some of your choices below.


How To Make An Easy No-Sew Fleece Fabric Gift Blanket

J&O Felt Blanket Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year! As the song says, there is much mistletoeing and hearts are glowing with holiday cheer. However, with all of the craziness that surrounds the holidays with cleaning and decorating the house for parties, putting up relatives, cooking, and finding the perfect tree, figuring out a gift that is personal and fits into your budget can be quite difficult. That is why we love making fleece fabric blankets for gifts. They are fantastic for friends at the office and for kids to make for teachers.

My Santa Wish List…From J&O Fabrics Facebook Fans!

With so many new fabrics delivered to our J&O Fabric Store each day, seems just when I’ve found the perfect ones to add to my Santa wish list, another print or design comes in and distracts me even more. Guess that is the blessing and curse of working at a place that feeds your creative needs so consistantly. Like a drug dealer and his dope fiend, instead of one more hit, hit me with one more yard and I am flying high!

Now with Christmas Eve less than a few hours away and craft ideas for the upcoming year already formulating in the crevises of my mind, curiousity had wondering…

Holiday Fabrics for Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa from J&O!

The holiday season means special holiday fabrics at J&O. From heavenly angels, snowmen, and Nativity scenes to winter landscapes, nostalgic images of childhood Christmas’s, and more — you can find a fabric to match your favorite holiday design with just a click of a button. Celebrate tradition and culture with our beautiful Hanukkah or Kwanzaa fabric too. Tis the season for giving, sharing and remembering loved ones. Let J&O Fabric help, one fabric at a time. 

Here’s a quick sampling:

angel, angels, christmas, holy, religious, nativity

# rel30309

christmas, snowmen, snowman, winter

# chr32083

snowflakes, winter, snow, christmas

# chr31527

Not sure what to do with special holiday fabrics? Consider these three holiday-themed projects:

Free Shipping on J&O Top Selling Fleece Fabric and More For the Holidays!

With only a few more days left until Christmas, J&O Fabrics wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of our hot selling fleece fabric from each of our categories. Have fun making quick and easy crafts like no-sew-fleece-throws (video tutorial), scarves (video tutorial) and pillows (video tutorial). Or use our warm yet lightweight fleece to make shawls, hats, portable ‘toosh cushions’ for cold stadium games, mittens, sleepwear, outerwear and more for pets, family and friends during this holiday season. From Batman to the Jets… with so many teams, themes, prints and colors to choose from, the ideas seem endless! And since we know how much shipping can cost on heavier fabrics like fleece, we’re adding a little more sweetness to your cart of fabric treats by offering  FREE SHIPPING on any order over $75 (domestic only)! Save some bucks and add a few more yards to your order on us at no extra charge to ship. With shipping expenses no longer an issue, you can enjoy the luxury of shopping to your hearts content!
Check out some of our top selling fleece prints below. Happy Holidays!