Something Smells…Good! Scented Sachets Tutorial

Keeping your home smelling fresh and inviting can be a challenge…especially if you have pets. I have a large dog and am therefore consumed in an epic and never-ending battle to douse and destroy all offensive olfactory evidence of his existence…these sachets are part of my arsenal!

The kiddos will enjoy crafting these cute scented bags in a variety of colors, and you can clear out that basket of fabric remnants by using them for accents and embellishments! Begin by selecting your fabric designs in our extensive online fabric store! (Or just come on by, if you live in the area!)

You will need:
• Fabric
• Remnants, buttons, other embellishments
• Fabric glue
• Potpourri, perfume or other scented item should you wish to add a fragrance to your sachet

Feel free to experiment with shapes and sizes!

What to do:
• For each bag, place 2 5-inch fabric squares back-to-back, gluing edges together on 3 sides
• Make sure that the glue is quite close to the edges in order to prevent frays
• Allow glue to dry
• Fill with scented material. You can use potpourri, fabric spritzed with a perfume or a multitude of other ideas to make the sachet release a slight scent
• Enclose all edges and allow glue to dry
• Once all sachets are finished, embellished to your liking and completely dry, you may arrange them in multi-colored, layered stacks and secure them with a decorative ribbon or fabric swatch for proper presentation!
• This is a fantastic and simple gift idea!

A little gift to the senses

Match a variety of fabrics to accent your space and add interest

Simple scented success

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