Sewing Spotlight: Bright Fleece Pillow Pets For Children

Making toys for children is always a great way to get the family together, pass the time or even a personal way to welcome a new addition! The following toys are easily made out of fleece fabric for softness and simple care. Pillow pet toys are wildly popular with the little ones lately, but they may not always have the animal your child would like to have. This is a fun way to interact with a child and make their pillow pet exactly the type and color they prefer!

Note: If you would prefer to use your own color scheme, simply substitute the recommended color for your own shade, the results will still stir a smile from any recipient!

You will need:
•    Tracing paper
•    Pencil
•    Scissors
•    1/2 yard polka-dot fleece (or fleece of your choice)
•    1/4 yard orange fleece
•    1/4 yard each red and green fleece
•    Scraps of felt in dark green and black
•    Scrap of red felt
•    Sewing machine and thread
•    Hand-sewing needle
•    Embroidery floss: yellow and black
•    Polyester batting

How to make the fish pillow:
•    Download a pattern of your choice from a crafty website
•    Trace pattern pieces to cut out. Make sure you cut the fleece pieces according to the pattern
•    Layer the fin and tail pieces and topstitch them together
•    Layer the stripes onto the fish body and then topstitch
•    Topstitch the eyes and mouth into place, detailing the eyes with straight stitching and a French knot in the eye center
•    Pleat the straight end of each fish fin, and finally topstitch the side fins to the body.
•    Stich the top and bottom fins and tail to the body, layering the body pieces appropriately
•    Clip seams as needed, fill toy with batting and stitch to close!

You may also choose to accessorize current toys with fun fleece accessories!

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