Sewing by hand: Importance of Knowing a Great Skill

I used to complain when my mother or grandmother tried to teach me things such as sewing by hand. I thought that I would never need to know that skill. But, since we did not have a sewing machine and there were 6 kids in the house, there were always a lot of rips and tears to fix.
I recently put my hand sewing skills to good use and I’m glad I paid attention. I had purchased a pair of gorgeous black dress pants on sale that I fell in love with. When I got home I quickly found out the pants were too long for me, but I loved the style so much that I wanted to keep them. So I pulled out the good old sewing kit that my mother gave to me, and that you should never be without. The sewing kit I use has all the basic tools that you need in such emergencies.

How did I fix the problem, and what can you do in such a case? This is what I recommend. First prepare the pants by folding the hem until both pant legs are even to the height you need. J & O Fabric store Fact: In order to insure that you make the right cut iron the hems so that you have a straight line . Cut two inches below the line that you made. Next step, grab a medium size needle with black thread from your kit.

First start by threading your needle and knotting your thread at one end.
Now you are ready to start sewing. You should make your first stitch at the thickest part of the pant leg which is where the two ends meet. Proceed to sew the hem with an in and out motion, being careful that your stitches are all about one quarter inch apart and straight all around. Loop the last stitch to make sure that the hem does not fall out while you are walking. With gentle ironing you should be all set.
Now let everyone see what you learned from mom and take your husband or wife out to dinner in your hand sewn pants.

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