Send Off Your Recent Grad in Style

High school graduations are rolling around, and graduation parties tend to center around a common event – the upcoming adventure of going off to college!  By this time, all the acceptance letters have been considered and plans are definite.  Camp it up with a pep rally themed party!  Decorate in the university colors to create a fun and lively atmosphere.  There are several ways to do this.

From Creations by Lonni

Make Your Own Pennants
A fun, simple craft project that requires:
• Felt
• Ribbon
• Dowel rods
• Glue
• Stencils
• Paint
• Cutting wheel
• Straight edge
• Cutting mat

Felt is an inexpensive fabric that doesn’t fray.  Find a great selection here.  You will only need 1 yard.  Cut the yard into strips that are two feet wide using a rotary cutting wheel, straight edge, and self-healing cutting mat.  You are going to fold the fabric over about 6 inches and cut a right triangle from one corner of the fabric to the top of the fold with your cutting wheel and a straight edge.  Repeat, approaching the fabric from the other side.  There will be little fabric lost when you are finished cutting the pennants.  Paint them with good fabric paint and a sturdy stencil.  Once dry, fold the wide end over a dowel rod and glue.  You are ready to hang with ribbon.

Decorate with College Team Fabric
College Team Fabric can be draped over chairs and used anywhere for a fun, colorful splash.  A team tablecloth is another nice touch.   Make gift bags tied with team ribbon.  Here’s a fun craft project: Glue the vinyl fabric around old tin cans and fill with flowers for beautiful centerpieces.



From Creations by Lonni


Finishing Touches
Fill any empty spaces with coordinated balloons and pom pons.

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