Satin Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers get a softer side with this cute idea! Grab some satin fabric and create your own batch of these little pretties this weekend. There are many methods to making fabric flowers, all you need is a great fabric. The use of satin over fabrics like cotton offers a distinctive look and feel that is more realistic and dramatic for a flower.

satin fabric

Craft gorgeous satin fabric flowers with fabrics from J&O. This fun and rewarding craft can be used for hair clips, table centerpieces, clothing, handbags and so much more!

You will need:

  • Satin fabrics
  • Ribbon, buttons and other embellishments as desired
  • Felt fabric for backing
  • Coordinating threads
  • Hot glue gun
  • Imagination

Satin fabric flower

What to do:

  • Decide which style flower you want. There are a multitude of ways to make every type of flower, so half of the fun is choosing a type and method.
  • To make a speedy no-sew version, roll the satin fabric and shape into a coil. Secure the coil with hot glue and a felt backing and embellish as desired. The finished product will look like a silky rose.
  • There are more tutorials for crafting fabric flowers, simply sub standard fabrics for satin fabric.

Satin fabric flower

Fabric flowers make fantastic brooches

satin fabric flowers

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  1. I’ve been looking recently at making fabric flowers and have to say these look elegant and simple to do. Would look great attached to a bag or shoes!

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