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Norman Rockwell (Feb. 3, 1894-Nov. 8, 1978) was a 20th century American painter and illustrator. He was most famous for the over 300 published original cover illustrations of everyday life scenarios he created for the Saturday Evening Post magazine in his forty-plus years with the popular periodical. Rockwell spent the next 10 years painting for Look Magazine where his works included more realistic issues like civil rights, exploration and politics. During his career, he was also commissioned to paint the portraits for President’s Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, as well as many prominent foreign figures too. Established as an iconic illustrator, Rockwell’s influence can be seen and felt in movies, illustration and most especially, in the neighborhoods and communities of America herself. His paintings and illustrations have even inspired a line of fabrics from notable manufacturers as an ‘ode to the man and his works.

Even though Norman Rockwell’s images of everyday people doing every day things are considered nostalgic and inviting, much of his work was dismissed by art critics along the way. The judgment that his depictions were overly idealistic portrayals of American life, gave his collection of art the defaming title of “Rockwellesque”. Despite such opinions, in 1977, Rockwell received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal, as well as over a decade of accolades for his fruitful and highly recognized portfolio of work.

A listing of just a few of his famous works are listed below.

  • Scout at Ship’s Wheel (1913) (first published magazine cover illustration, Boys Life, September 1913)
  • Boy and Baby Carriage (1916) (First Saturday Evening Post Cover)
  • Tain’t You (1917) (First Life Magazine Cover)
  • Cousin Reginald Goes to the Country (1917) (First Country Gentleman Cover)
  • Mother Tucking Children into Bed (1921) (First Wife Irene Is the Model)
  • Doctor and Doll (1929)
  • The Four Freedoms (1943)
  • Saying Grace (1951)
  • Golden Rule (1961)
  • The Problem We All Live With (1964)
  • Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi) (1965)
  • The Rookie

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