No Sew Notions: Fetching Fabric Wall Storage

Always looking for your keys and other frequently used items? Store them in a pretty easy to find place, like this DIY fabric pocket wall organizer by Yvette of Abernathy Crafts! This simple no sew craft looks great in any room, and is a fun family craft.

This fabric wall organizer craft is by Abernathy Crafts and requires no sewing! Just browse our online fabric store, gather the kiddos around the table and get started!

Fabric Wall Storage

(Photos and idea by Yvette of Abernathy Crafts, a very creative and inspiring crafter!) This attractive addition takes just a few minutes to complete!

You will need:
• Fabrics of your choice (2 or more)
• Embroidery hoop of any size
• Less than 30 minutes

Embroidery Hoops

Any size or shape hoop will work

Fabric Wall Hanging

Such simplicity

What to do:
• Trace your background fabric using the inner embroidery hoop
• Decide what fabric to use for the pockets. Fold it in half, over the background fabric. You can place the pocket anywhere on the background you please.
• Make sure there is a bit of excess fabric to hang over the hoop edges
• Slip on the outer hoop and tighten. Tug the fabric around the edging until it is tight. Play around with this part until the placement of the pocket and fabric suits you.
• Pro-tip: You may opt to add some stitching to create dividers in the pocket! Note: Add the stitching prior to placing the fabric into the hoop.

Decorative Fabric

Fold it like so

Fabric Wall Storage

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3 thoughts on “No Sew Notions: Fetching Fabric Wall Storage

  1. Thanks for the great idea! Now I don’t have to keep fidgeting and looking all over the place for my keys and some loose change. Keeps it all in one place. Nice article. Keep ’em coming!

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