My Santa Wish List…From J&O Fabrics Facebook Fans!

With so many new fabrics delivered to our J&O Fabric Store each day, seems just when I’ve found the perfect ones to add to my Santa wish list, another print or design comes in and distracts me even more. Guess that is the blessing and curse of working at a place that feeds your creative needs so consistantly. Like a drug dealer and his dope fiend, instead of one more hit, hit me with one more yard and I am flying high!

Now with Christmas Eve less than a few hours away and craft ideas for the upcoming year already formulating in the crevises of my mind, curiousity had wondering…

” What’s on your fabric wish list for Christmas? “


” All of it LOL. I want a couple of yards of everything you have. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she? “ -Carla Heller Finley

” All of it!! he he he!!! ” -Angela Trenar

An entire roll (50 yards) of bamboo fleece. I’ve used close to that in the past month! ” -Megan Carman

 ”Surprise me! ” -Jerry Nix Roberts

More Velveteens from AMH!” -Melissa Joyce Mayer

 ” Getting some of your fire fabric w/ the go-go girls & a black background back in stock. Been waiting a year for that one.”  -Mary Ann K

A yard each of all the novelty print cottons!-Penosky

Anything – but also some batting so I can finsih some projects that i intend to start. ” -Jan-maree Ball

Terry cloth and patriotic fabrics – Yes, I know it is December!!! ” -Patti Londa Greene

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