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Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with fabric and fashion. Back in the 70’s prints, patterns and denims ruled. Dress shirts were loud and vibrant, casual tops carried stripes and abstract lines and jeans were made even more popular by the dons, divas and designers of the fashion industry. They could be found on men, women and children across the nation in a multitude of brands and styles. From Sergio Valente and Jordache, to Wrangler and Lee’s, denim could be seen from head to toe on the not only the city fashionista, but the western country boy as well. If I remember correctly, my favorite jeans were a second hand pair of worn Gloria Vanderbilt’s that I got from my older sister.

It is years later and I am all grown up now. I have since traded in my tattered jeans for an organic cotton pair that are ‘eco’ friendly and quite comfortable, but I am still fascinated by the new and innovative fabrics that come out of the designer mills to entice style conscious individuals and fashion guru’s everywhere. One such fascinating fabric concept to hit not only the runway floors, but TIME Magazines Coolest Inventions of 2003 list is the futuristic fabric simply known as Luminex.
Luminex is a new non-reflective fabric that is self-illuminating. It is created with fiber optic threads of every type and nature that emits light in different colors. According to its ingenious inventors, the luminous optic fibers are special “detectors of elementary particles” used in the largest scientific experiments of sub-nuclear physics. Wow, talk about hi-fi fashion! Not only is this material simply fabulous, but you are sure to be the life and LIGHT of the party wherever you go!
Luminex was created through a partnership between the combined creative minds of Luminex Corporation and CAEN Spa. One would think that these companies would be the leaders in the fashion textile industry, but in actuality, The Luminex Corporation develops and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the life science and diagnostic industries while CAEN Spa is a highly technological electronics company in Italy. Seems not only haute couture garments come out of this fashion mecca. This fascinating fabric has wedding dresses glowing down the aisles, banquet tables illuminating the sparkling china that rests upon it, and home accent pieces creating a psychedelic opulence in any room.
Luminex is not glow in the dark, yet it still glows. Power comes from an ordinary 200/100 volt battery sewn into the cloth. The battery is inserted in the most practical place on the material or garment. For example, in a pair of hot jeans, the housing unit would be a small pocket on the side of the trouser. Luminex can be washed and dried on delicate settings and even sewn by regular hand or machine. If only this stuff had been around in the 70’s, my Dance Fever disco days could have had me swirling like a bolt of lightning across the floor.
While Luminex fabric is not manufactured for masses, it is slowly entering into the top designers fashion line collections. Leading trend setters like Donna Karen are sure to feature a piece or two for our viewing pleasure in the near future. And of course your #1 designer fabric supplier, J&O will be looking for this futuristic fabric to bring us into the next century with new age style and flair.

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