Let the Sun Shine in With Microsol Fabrics!

In our previous blog we shared with you our insight and suggestions for protecting your precious skin from the potentially damaging rays of the sun, while at the same time, enjoying its life nourishing benefits during the summer season. In this artical we are going to do just the opposite, buy sharing with you a few dress tips when you actually want the sun to soak through and allow your body to absorb all the Vit d and mood enhancing rays you can handle.

Behold, microsol fabric. This fairly new fiber textile is taking swimsuit and summer outerwear manufacturers by storm as it acts as a barrier to gamma rays while still allowing enough of the UVB rays to penetrate and give you the line free tan you desire. No lotions, creams or oils…just specially treated and scientifically proven fibers that are as light they are comfortable. Worried about sweat and laundering? The ingenious fiber passes sweat out, so thay you will feel cool and carefree no matter what activity you choose to engage in. Whether sitting poolside or relaxing in the comfort of your own back yard, tanning while fully dressed has never been so convenient. Microsol garments can be thrown right in your regular wash and dry cycles for quick and easy laundering wash after wash. If you are a child of the sun like me, but could do without the tan marks and risks of skin damaging exposure, check out this revolutionary substitute for your sunscreen applications. From shorts and swimwear to tops and sportswear, find fashion and function in garments made with microsol. Its summertime! Let the sun shine in!

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2 Responses to “Let the Sun Shine in With Microsol Fabrics!”

  1. Mindy Gibson says:

    I am interested in purchasing some tan through fabric for an Athletic line I am trying to get off the ground. I have been in contact with a couple of other companies and am trying to find the best. Can you provide some information on your Tan Through products?


    Mindy Gibson

    • Hey Mindy,

      Since we are in the textile industry, we often come across and share fabric trends, new innovative designs, and researched findings with our online followers even if we don’t have the fabric in our inventory. This is one such case. To locate the microsol fabrics, you may have best luck doing a Google search. Thank you for reading and inquiring!

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