Kiddo Crafts: Decorative Fabric Bowls

Kids love to create, and this is a multi-step craft that will keep the littles absorbed on a rainy day! With just a few items, kids can make decorative fabric bowls. Children love to make handmade gifts for the adults in their lives. They will be proud to give them as gifts to loved ones or keep in their rooms! Find cartoon fabrics, NFL fabrics and anything else under the sun in our online store and stock up for crafting today!

Fabric bowls

Paper mache and fabric bowls are a fun step-by-step craft for kids! 

You will need:

  • Several different fabrics. You will cut them into strips for the kids to work with, so a variety is nice
  • Balloons (any bag of balloons available at the store will work)
  • Newspaper
  • Your preferred fabric glue
  • Brushes for the kids to paint the glue on with. This step is important, kids love brushes

Fabric bowls

What to do:

  • Begin by blowing up the balloons. This part will elate the children and everyone can participate
  • While the kids are busy blowing up balloons, adults can cut the fabric into neat rectangular strips
  • Next, allow the kids to paint the balloons with glue and paper mache them. Cover the balloons halfway with paper, forming a bowl shape
  • The paper will need to dry completely, perhaps overnight. Have a distraction in place for this time!
  • Once the paper is dry, let the kids POP the balloons!
  • Now they can paint the newspaper bowls with fabric adhesive and place the decorative fabric strips onto it
  • Once the finished fabric bowl is completely dry, it is ready to wrap up as a gift or find its special spot in your child’s room!

Fabric bowls

This craft offers up the chance to use up fabric scraps and mix prints

fabric bowls

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Fun and messy fabric bowl craft

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    • Greetings Pat. A mode podge glue was used for this project, but a good fabric glue would work as well. Thanks for your interest and inquiry!

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