J&O Top 10 Tips for Working With Faux Fur

jandofabrics, faux fur, fur, fake fur There was a time when you had to mount an expedition to the far off wilderness to find fur. With the J & O Fabric Store fur fabric collection you can cancel your trip and shop with us instead! Our garment weight furs can be used to make anything from elegant fur coats and shawls, to fun sweater collars and funky bags. Our fur upholstery can be used to make the fuzziest blankets, warmest bedspreads, and coolest throws. With just a yard or two, you can also make coordinating rugs for slippery bathroom floors or open living room spaces.  

Bring back the 60’s when you use faux fur to upholster furniture. And if that’s not scary enough, you can make costumes just in time for Halloween. With the added bonus of knowing that not a single endangered animal was harmed in the process, today’s faux fur is a popular and inexpensive alternative to the ‘real thing’. Primarily made from fine acrylic fibers and dyed to represent the colors and patterns of real animals, faux fur provides the look and feel of real fur plus a certain amount of warmth as well. 

To help guide you thru proper handling of this textile good for your next faux fur project, check out our list tips below. 

Top 10 Tips For Working with Faux Fur 


1. Stitch faux fur pieces using a universal needle and standard presser foot depending on the fur type. 

2. Cutting faux fur can be messy. To reduce clean up, brush and shake your piece outside prior to construction. 

3. After sewing faux fur, clean out excess fur and lint from machine to reduce obstruction and prevent problems with machine operation. 

4. Use a fabric marker or chalk to trace pattern pieces on the wrong side of your faux fur. Then cut in the fur’s natural direction. 

5. Avoid inserting a zipper on a faux fur project because the fur will get caught in the zipper teeth. 

6. With the wrong side up, place faux fur on a flat work surface and cut only one layer at a time. If the pattern calls for two cuts, flip over the pattern with the wrong side up and cut the second piece to create left and right pieces for your project. 

7. Comb or brush any fur caught in the seams after sewing to create smooth fur on the right side. 

8. Always pin perpendicular to the faux fur seam using long pins. 

9. Identify the natural direction of your faux fur and brush in that same direction before cutting. 

10. Use sharp scissors and take small cuts only on the faux fur backing. Never cut the actual fur or use a rotary cutter.  



jandofabrics, faux fur

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jandofabrics, faux fur



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  1. Phyllis Grode says:

    Do you have any specific patterns? I don’t want to look like a furry box walking in town. Love your suggestions. Thanks. Phyllis

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