J&O Holiday Splendor Room Decor

I remember holidays full of turkey, stuffing and apple pie. Generations around the table partaking in good food, tasty sweets and infectious laughter.  Handmade napkins printed in holly dressed grandmama’s table that was draped in green poly crepe. In the room surrounding us,  lights bounced off inanimate objects casting golden shadows on beige striped and cran-apple suede cushioned wing chairs while tie-backs in holiday splendor dangled on vanilla drapes.  Assorted prints and textures added warmth and richness. And under the tree, Christmas gifts wrapped in traditional furoshiki styled fabrics of red tissue lame and festive plaid check.




Fast forward to 2019…the faces around the table have changed and the food has gotten just a little more healthier, but the furnishings are still the same. Kept up over the years by good care and a little reupholstering where needed.

There’s something to be said about how a little extra love and care can make both the present and the past worth cherishing more.

Celebrate the holiday season with festive fabrics, family and the promise of more.

Holly Canvas / sku# CAN36728


45" Spruce Poly Crepe / Sku# CRE31870


Sparkle Red Tissue Lame / Sku #LAM00005


Holiday Check / Sku #PLA35912


Holiday Decorative / Sku# DEC00016


Holiday Splendor Tieback / Sku #TBIC-23752



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