J&O Fabrics Window Treatment Trends For 2022

Whether in our place of business or the dwellings we call home, how we treat and dress our windows makes all the difference in how our space looks and feels. A thoughtless treatment can darken and lower the energy of an otherwise vibrant room, just as the perfect dressing can hide its flaws and make it look brand new. With this in mind, is it any wonder why some home / business owners keep up with the experts and latest window treatment trends for 2022?

If you’re one of the many looking to keep your window’s stylish or to transform a living space for 2022, here are a few suggestions.

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Roman Shades
Roman shades not only give a space more depth and interest, they’re extremely functional as well. With their timeless look, they fit perfectly in present day home deco without taking up too much room with full drapes and long, dangling material. This makes them ideal for busy spaces in the home, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Roman Blinds
Similar to roman shades, roman blinds don’t require much space. They will fit the kitchen perfectly and their convenient structure adds functionality and practicality to a space. Particularly impressive will be their look within a hi-tech environment.

Japanese Blinds

Japanese styled blinds fit perfectly with a room that needs to be zoned. Unlike the previous type, they cover a larger part of the window and ensure privacy. These blinds have specific weights installed at the bottom to keep the form and go perfectly with a minimalist style.

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The Layered-Up Look
2022 trends see more layers donning the windows of modern homes to create an interesting yet cozy ambiance in the space. This is especially popular in living areas and bedrooms to promote a comfortable feel with maximum relaxation. Adding in blackout shades behind plantation shutters for ultimate privacy or a couple of elegant drapery panels to your shades can offer an enhanced style.

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Embracing Nature
With an adaptation to the comforts of home during the pandemic, and a request for more natural light thru bigger windows in our living spaces, nature continues to find continued appreciation in  2022. As such, treatments that don’t take over a window yet instead allow the outside world to float in, are highly desired .

People are increasing the natural light in their homes and creating a more direct connection with nature by adding doors where there were once windows, or adding larger windows for a greater sense of connection to the outside.

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French Curtains

Consider French curtains for a classic or baroque setting. Among its peculiarities is the expensive look of the fabric. This type of curtain stands out through its voluminous appearance and ceiling to floor length. As  such, they would fit perfectly in a living or dining room setting.

Trending Fabrics
The top fabrics and window dressing prints trending in 2022 are cotton and linen. Consider also dense materials and velvet, which will surely keep you up to date. Regarding the texture, you can switch from the lightest to the densest fabrics depending on the effect you want to achieve.

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Trending Prints

When it comes to prints, be ready for a bold approach in 2022. Experts suggest floral patterns and tropical colors. For spacious rooms, you can choose light curtains with a large pattern. Another fashionable option is a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal strip. The vertical strip visually “lifts” the ceiling, and the horizontal one “expands” the space.

Whether you decide to do your project yourself or seek the insight of window treatment/dressing experts, the trends and tips shared here should serve well in getting you off to a good start.

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