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What American situation comedy won five Emmy Awards, ranked second on TV Guide’s Top 50 Greatest Shows of all time in 2002, and in 2007, was placed on Time Magazine’s unranked list of the 100 best TV shows to date?

Need another hint?

It aired on CBS from 1951-1957, featured an outspoken red head housewife with big dreams of showbiz, yet no talent, and her struggling Cuban orchestra leader husband.

Figured it out yet?

You guessed it!
It’s ‘I Love Lucy‘ starring the late Lucille Ball and her real life husband at the time, the late Desi Arnaz. I Love Lucy‘ was one of the most watched shows in the U.S. back then, as is viewed in syndication by a host of devoted fans still today. If you ever took a moment or two to catch a scene, you couldn’t soon forget the timelessly hysterical episode called ‘Job Switching’ where Lucy and her friend Ethel trade places with their seemingly hard working husbands at the candy factory wrapping chocolates. At one point in the packing process, the conveyor belt breaks down and the dual find themselves scrambling to control the overflowing chocolates before their husbands’ boss finds out.

Just one of over a hundred animated and memorable episodes starring Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred, ‘I Love Lucy‘ set the standard not only in the television and film industry, but for many situation comedies to come. Parodies of their acts can be found in such currently running TV hits as Saturday Night Live and That 70′s Show.

Today, J&O Fabrics is excited to offer you, the fans, great material from a great show. With several ‘I Love Lucy‘ prints to choose from, the craft ideas are endless! As fans ourselves, we give you permission to go crazy with nostalgia and then come back for more…just as Lucy & Desi did….with LOVE!

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