J&O Fabrics Top Home Deco Trends For 2022

While the new year will likely be as socially unpredictable as 2021 proved at its end, there are a few top home deco trends for 2022 that leaders across the industry are echoing and predicting to hold their place.

Check out some of these forecasts and see how you can incorporate them into your own home design plans for the new year ahead.

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Zoom fatigue for home office workers is as real as the platforms’ permanence in your lives for the moment, but so is the realization that your personal backdrop for such ‘sneak-peek’ additions into your home could probably stand some fine-tunement moving forward. In many cases, a bit of improvement overall couldn’t hurt as well

With the continuation of hybrid and remote work into 2022, flexible live/work spaces that accommodate the needs of various generations under the same roof are paramount. Owners are now wanting homes to be ideal places to not only live, but also places where they can work, where children can learn, and where multiple generations can live together.

“Children continue to drive design spaces and homework is not going away. As the world turns, people may continue to opt-out of full classroom settings and opt-in for more private spaces and creating ‘mini corporate offices’ for their smallest bosses all together. These rooms will be equipped with interactive smart boards, prerequisite hi-speed wifi and plenty of plug-in outlets. Homework rooms can also be repurposed later for college student startup headquarters or an adult home office,” –Georgia Zikas Georgia Zikas Design.

“The obvious spark that ignited this trend was COVID-19, but it has been ramping up for years,” architect Cavin Costello, principal at The Ranch Mine explains, pointing to improved technology enabling more people to work remotely, as well as multigenerational living arrangements resulting from high costs of housing and elder care. However, while flexible spaces that accommodate multiple generations and functions may continue to be popular in the year ahead, you can expect more separation between common spaces like the kitchen, home office, dining area, and living room. “Open floor plans have been trending out in workplace design for a while, and we’re now seeing a lot of demand for carefully proportioned and sequenced spaces in residential spaces”, adds on Nicko Elliott and Ksenia Kagner, founders of New York City architecture and interior design studio Civilian Projects.

” Conceptualizing and creativity will be key as a transformational space for a home office often involves a reset of the room’s function. We are all becoming more aware of how the layout and aesthetics of a room can affect our energy and productivity. Transforming a current room into your new home office space is not just a fun project, but a necessity for many people who work remotely. When trying to boost the functionality of a home, this room may be at the forefront. People will spend more time and effort in designing a unique working space to maximize their concentration, motivation, and productivity this year.Farris Wu, founder and CEO at DecorMatters

Bringing in good outdoor lighting through the use of enhanced window treatments and stylish drapery is a great additional way to transform a home space into an energized office environment in 2022.

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“We’ve been bringing the indoors out for a while now, and one of the best ways to accomplish that from a functional perspective is to introduce shade structures like awnings. We see more people making plans for this, as outdoor renovations continue to be a priority as we approach 2022. Aesthetically pleasing shade structures like awnings not only provide comforting protection from the sun, but also help make an outdoor space feel more connected and beautiful. ” —Kirk Fitzsimmons, director of industrial sales at Sunbrella

“Outdoor spaces continue to be in the spotlight with people spending more time at home. Homeowners are also investing in outdoor rooms. Pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and extensive seating and dining areas are high on wish lists.  Outdoor kitchens will feature commercial-style grills, refrigerators, and wine coolers. Indoor rooms opening up to terraces with a series of French doors or doors that fold back is another way to connect with the outside. More people are enhancing their outdoor living spaces, which means more stylish outdoor-rated furniture! —Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten

“We anticipate seeing more and more photos on Houzz of outdoor living rooms that look like indoor rooms. Houzz search data has shown that people want their backyards to be relaxing extensions of their interior living spaces. There have been major advances in outdoor materials in recent years, allowing manufacturers to create stylish and durable outdoor sofas, tables, rugs, chairs and decor. Add an outdoor fireplace, maybe a TV, and the line between indoors and out seemingly disappears.” —Mitchell Parker, senior editor at Houzz.



In addition to our own witnessed customer resurgence in furniture restoration and reupholstery projects, many experts agree that a growing number of consumers are seeking out and investing in vintage, heirloom, and handcrafted furnishings for their homes.

“The pandemic created the realization of health, the environment, and being less materialistic. With that being said, reusing furniture, pursuing materials that support the environment, promote recycling, and hold meaning will be popular next year. Not to mention, natural materials like wood, rattan, clay, stone, etc. pair perfectly with any style, color, or material. These textures add warmth and lightness to home decor and make us feel like we’re on vacation in our home since many of us are unable to travel.” —Farris Wu, founder and CEO at DecorMatters

“With shortages popping up in supply chains and the important increase of focus on the environment, I think the celebration of one-of-a-kind finds will be an increasingly important trend in the new year,” predicts Next Wave designer Sara Hillery. “Not only are vintage finds a greener choice for design with upcycling, they are also laden with unique details that are expensive to re-create. Homes should celebrate our uniqueness and furniture choices are an important part of that,” says Hillery. “An old piece with great patina reflects a love and respect for history and story, just as a freshly painted antique shows a value of the past while also creating a colorful and playful environment.” And you can be sure none of your neighbors will own the same thing!

“Though it can be a little more pricey,” Sabina Holston owner of J&O Fabrics / Summerdale Mills Deco Center adds, ” it is a worthwhile investment with paybacks on the environment and the heart. The feeling of being able to salvage a loved one’s chair or cherished, handcrafted furnishing can be very lasting for generations to come. Plus, they just don’t make lasting furniture like they used to. They just don’t.”

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